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Manage Migraine With Homeopathy!

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Manage Migraine With Homeopathy!

A migraine is one of the worst forms of headaches. It can result in excruciating pain leading to temporary impairing of a person. The pain is often one-sided and can last up to days. The pain can be pulsating or throbbing. Apart from pain, some other symptoms of this disease are insensitivity to light, vomiting, nausea, light temperature etc. For extreme cases, a patient might face symptoms such as temporary blindness, tingling sensation on the hand or leg area, flashes of light etc. Some common triggers of a migraine include loud music, sunlight, mental stress, improper sleep etc. While lifestyle changes can bring temporary relief to migraine patient, homeopathy treatment aims at permanent relief from a migraine altogether. In this article, we will describe few homeopathic medicines that can do wonders for a migraine patient-

  1. Belladonna- This is one of the most effective medicines for a migraine. This medicine is appropriate to those whose pain is throbbing in nature and originates from the temporal region of the brain. The pain of this kind starts suddenly without any warning signs whatsoever. The pain worsens with exposure to sunlight, cold air, touch etc. Applying pressure to the region of pressure makes the patient feel better. The patient of this nature finds it difficult to sleep as the pain increases with supine posture. Belladonna can be the perfect medicine for patients suffering from these symptoms. Daily intake in the empty stomach can improve migraine pain by leaps and pounds.
  2. Sanguinaria- This homeopathic medicine is used especially for migraine patient who feels pain only on the right side of the head. For patients whose a migraine gets initiated at the back of the head, faces the pain once in every week, gets relief from sleeping and lying down etc, Sanguinaria is the best homeopathic medicine one can have. It is wise to consult a homeopathic doctor to decide the dosage, medicine intake timings etc.
  3. Spigelia- This is a homeopathic medicine that pays rich dividends to those migraine patients whose pain starts from the left side of the head and finally settles down in the eye region. The patient often feels that there is a tight rubber band that has been around the head. The pain is sharp and aggravates with touch. Applying ice further worsens it. Spigelia is one homeopathic medicine that can greatly extend relief to such kind of migraine patients and can even cure the condition with prolonged intake.
  4. Natrum Mur- This is one universal homeopathic medicine that can extend relief to those migraine patients who has a headache that is congestive in nature. Some typical symptoms include face redness, throbbing nature of the pain, increase of pain with exposure to heat, feeling relieved by uncovering the head etc. In case you have a concern or query you can always consult an expert & get answers to your questions!
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