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Mammogram - Breast Cancer Screening

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Dr.Veda Padma Priya 87% (46ratings)
MBBS, DNB (Surgical Oncology), MS - General Surgery
Oncologist, Chennai  •  18years experience
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I am Dr. Veda Padma Priya, Oncologist. Cancer was so tiny to find and she was diagnosed and Drs found that she had breast cancer. She decided to remove her entire breast. Luckily it was stage zero cancer an we call it a DCIS. This cancer does not threaten your life. And then we saw that she lived for 20 years after she was discovered with cancer. This story is important for you all to go for early diagnosis. Because cervical cancer is so common than breast cancer that we also do the screening for cervical cancer. In 2018, WHO discovered that breast cancer is so common that we have to get it screened.

So, we need to get screened timely, we need to measure the risk and adopt healthy lifestyle measures. Breast cancer is rare in men but very common in women. Increasing age is again a risk factor. Other risk factors are hormonal and menstrual changes. So, having early periods, late menopause, having no children at all or having your first child after 35 years of age increases the risk of breast cancer. Incidentally having kids more than 4 reduces the risk of breast cancer. Another risk factor is obesity. Modifiable risk factors are using hormonal therapies, diet, alcohol, obesity and planning your family. Unmodified risk factors gender, age which is beyond your control, genetic history, 10% of the breast cancer can be hereditary. Breast self examination is the first step. So, you should go for these check-ups annually.

Thank You.

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