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IHC -Estrogen Receptor Test

IHC -Estrogen Receptor Test

also known as: ER status

Estrogen receptors are found in cancer cells. Cancers that contain Estrogen Receptors are known as ER positive. These receptors use the hormones in your body as the aids to grow. The Estrogen receptors are mostly found in breast cancer cells. The cancers with these receptors are known as hormone responsive cancers. In order to detect these cancers and their stage, it is very important that this test be done as soon as the symptoms are seen. IHC or Immunohistochemistry is used to check whether the cancer cells contain receptors on their surface or not. This plays seminal role in deciding the course of medications.

You should not wear any jewelry or voluminous and tight-fitting clothes. Usually, another set of clothes are provided by the doctors which help in facilitating the process smoothly. You will not be expected to disturb your diet routine before the test. You can eat and drink as per your normal routine. However, if the sample taken is also to be used for further different tests, the doctor will inform you in advance. In that case, you might be advised to not eat for a few hours. Always follow the particular instructions given to you by the lab for the successful completion of the test.

This test is used for the ones suffering from breast cancer and also to identify the sub-type of the same. In case of a hormone responsive cancer, the test is useful in deciding the treatment that will block estrogen from attaching to the receptors. The test and its results play an important role in determining the suitable treatment for the cancer- be in hormone, endocrine or chemotherapy, based on the severity of the harm caused. It is also helpful in determining the chances of returning of the cancer after it has been treated.

The test is done by taking a tissue from your suspicious body part. You will be expected to lie down on a surgery bed for the test. The biopsy might be done through needle or surgery, if required. In this, your body part will first be cleared with a medical antiseptic and through the needle, a tissue will be collected. It is then tested in laboratories to assess and detect the available receptors and their nature. This test should be done only in specialized cancer treatment hospitals and laboratories as it is requires highly concentrated effort and expertise for successful completion.

breast tissue
1 block
sterile specimen container
Type Gender Age-Group Value
Estrogen Receptor ER
All age groups
Rs 1100- Rs 3000

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