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IHC -Estrogen Receptor / Progesterone Receptor Test

IHC -Estrogen Receptor / Progesterone Receptor Test

Breast cancer is becoming a major health concern in most of the countries. Even though the exact cause of disease is unknown the count is only increasing steadily. Women those who have invasive breast cancer, underwent mastectomy and recurrent bouts of breast tumors should undergo a special serum test namely IHC-Estrogen-Receptor-Progesterone-Receptor (ERPR) blood test regularly. Thousands of women all over the world have done mastectomy and are undergoing chemotherapy regularly. These types of women should do what is known as ERPR blood test regularly. They can do it on their own or under medical supervision. Cancer cells can grow again and start destroying the good ones. People can rule out these types of recurrent growths when they undergo this blood test.

Individuals who suffer from metastasis or carcinoma in the breasts should enter into reputed diagnostic center and give blood sample to the technician. Lab technicians will draw small amount of blood from the arms and send the sample for further investigation. Fasting blood is considered as best option. The reports will be ready within a short period of time. Doctors after scrutinizing the report will decide the next course of treatment if there is increase in estrogen and progesterone receptors.

Women who have undergone mastectomy or other breast cancer treatments in the past should undergo ERPR test. Estrogen and Progesterone receptors plays an import role in breast cancer and doctors will get the present health status of the patient when they observe these blood test reports. Cancer may grow again and damage the breast cells. The best and common method currently used to test a tumor for estrogen and progesterone receptors is called immunohistochemistry or IHC test. Patients who are undergoing chemo treatments or taking medicines for breast cancer will be benefitted a lot when they do IHC-Estrogen-Receptor-Progesterone-Receptor blood investigation. Health conscious women should do these types of pathological investigations then and there.

Patients who stay in the hospital should lie down on the bed before giving blood samples. One of the technicians will draw an ounce of blood from the arm using new or sterilized injection and send the sample for investigation. This procedure is very simple and last for few minutes. IHC testing can detect estrogen and progesterone receptors quickly and these tests are critical in determining the prognosis of breast cancer. Breast carcinoma should be taken seriously since plenty of cancer patients have suffered from relapse of disease. ERPR blood test will reveal many interesting facts about cancerous cell growth.

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Type Gender Age-Group Value
Estrogen Receptor / Progesterone Receptor
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Rs1230- Rs 2500

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