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Male Breast (Gynecomastia ) - Why It Is Important To Get It Corrected?

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Male Breast (Gynecomastia ) - Why It Is Important To Get It Corrected?

Although the breasts are one of the most significant contributors of a woman’s physical beauty, a man with breasts not only looks awkward but feels clumsy and graceless as well. An individual who is suffering from such problems which are referred to as gynecomastia in medical terms, should not neglect the problem but consider opting for male breast reduction surgery. In this surgical intervention, a qualified doctor would help in restoring your natural masculine looks around the chest. And there is nothing to be anxious about as there are advanced techniques which would help you recover quickly and result in virtually invisible scars.

What is gynecomastia?
Gynecomastia can be described as an enlargement of male breasts which can be effectively removed with the aid of male breast reduction surgery. This process helps in removal of excess fat as well as glandular tissue for the restoration of a flatter and firmer contour to the chest of the male.

Although it may appear strange, there are some men all over the world who have such development due to genetic conditions or side effects of certain medicines or some other unspecified reasons. Gynecomastia can happen at any age, and the male breast reduction surgery can be safely performed on both teenagers and adult men.,

Why is it important to have male breast reduction surgery?
Though weight loss can assist the reduction of the appearance of male breasts for some individuals, in some instances it has been speculated that the excess glandular tissue which may result in noticeably large breasts even in men with a lean body. In the present scenario, the male breast reduction surgery is the only method for alleviating the problem with long-lasting results. Most individuals who have undergone this surgery report that they feel comfortable without the shirt and also experience enhanced self-confidence.

If an individual is uncomfortable or self-conscious regarding the appearance of the chest or when he is compelled to avoid certain activities where he may have to go shirtless, the male breast reduction surgery is an option that deserves consideration. When there is an experienced and professional surgeon to carry out the process, the affected individual would be able to see dramatic improvements with nominal scars.

Liposuction is yet another option that deserves special mention in this respect. This is owing to the advancement of liposuction technology which has proffered the surgeons with a wider selection of comparatively less invasive methodologies. The recovery period is shorter compared to conventional surgeries, and the patients are given a compression garment which they are required to wear for the first few couple of weeks which helps in reduction of swelling and offer support for the healing tissues.

It is important to note here that vigorous exercises must not be performed within three weeks after the treatment. But it is crucial to understand that each and every person heals at a unique pace, the cosmetic surgeon would give the patient insight into the treatment so that he can set realistic expectations.

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