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Liposuction Versus Laser Lipolysis - Which One Is Better?

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Liposuction Versus Laser Lipolysis - Which One Is Better?

Are you extremely obese and struggling to lose weight? Is sticking to a diet or an exercise routine too difficult for you? You should consult your doctor about weight reduction surgeries. While most people think about liposuction when they want to lose those extra kilos surgically, laser lipolysis may be the better procedure to undergo.

Why liposuction is dangerous?
Liposuction is the most popular fat reducing surgery. During the procedure, doctors inject saline along with epinephrine and lidocaine into your body. This solution makes it easier for fat extraction during the suction procedure. It also limits the blood flow during the suction.

Here is a look at some dangers associated with conventional liposuction –
• You may suffer from excessive bleeding
• You may go into a shock because of insufficient fluids in your body at the time of surgery
• You may retain fluid in small pockets under your skin
• You may suffer from a fat embolism, where pieces of fat inhibit blood flow in the body
• The removal of fat from your body during the surgery may be uneven
• You can suffer damages to vital organs, such as lungs, liver and kidneys, along with damage to muscles, blood vessels and nerves
• The surgery may lead to a blood clot formation in the body, which becomes dangerous if it reaches the lungs
This is why you should opt for a laser lipolysis surgery instead if you are looking to lose weight.

What is laser lipolysis?
Laser lipolysis is a form of minimally invasive liposuction. In this procedure, doctors use heat from lasers to melt the fatty deposits. Lipolysis does not involve suction, unlike liposuction surgeries. Therefore, the risk of bleeding is very low. Additionally, lipolysis enhances the production of collagen in the body, making your skin taut even after weight loss.

Benefits of laser lipolysis-
Here is a look at some reasons why you should consider laser lipolysis, instead of the traditional liposuction –

• Little or no risk of infection at the site or surgery
• Little or no risk of scarring due to the surgery
• The recovery period is shorter than other weight loss surgeries

Procedure for laser lipolysis-
• The doctor will administer local anaesthesia on the site of surgery
• He/she will make a small incision
• A small machine delivering the laser will be positioned inside the upper layer of the skin
• You will experience periodic heating and cooling in the region
• Melted fat will be massaged or vacuumed out from the body

Consult your doctor regarding laser lipolysis today, so that you can shed the excess weight and get back to a healthier lifestyle.

In case you have a concern or query you can always consult a specialist & get answers to your questions!
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