Laryngitis - Signs You Are Suffering From It!

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Laryngitis - Signs You Are Suffering From It!

Laryngitis is referred to as the inflammation of the vocal cord or the larynx situated in the throat either due to it’s over usage or certain infections. This condition spreads rapidly and does significant damage to the larynx. Laryngitis can be acute or chronic. If not diagnosed timely, laryngitis can cause significant problems in the respiratory system such as experiencing trouble while breathing. Laryngitis can be treated with antibiotics and with other home remedies such as gargling with warm salt water, giving your voice some rest and drinking sufficient water (around 2-2.5 liters) in a day to keep dehydration at bay. Make sure you avoid any caffeinated beverage and alcohol if such a condition develops. In urgent cases of laryngitis, a prescribed dosage of corticosteroids and antibiotics can provide relief.

The causes of laryngitis depend considerably on the form of laryngitis. If the laryngitis is of acute nature, then it might have been caused due to an infection and it tends to go away after suitable treatment. In the case of chronic laryngitis, the inflammation is caused due to a frequent exposure to irritants. This condition has long sustained effect and tends to be painful. The causes of laryngitis are as follows:

  1. Apart from viral and bacterial infections, an acute form of laryngitis can be caused due to the impairment of the vocal cord as a result of constantly talking or screaming at a high-pitched voice.
  2. Acid reflux (acidity) and frequent instances of sinus infections can cause chronic laryngitis.
  3. Excessive consumption of tobacco and alcohol might cause chronic laryngitis.
  4. Constant exposure to toxic chemicals might cause chronic laryngitis.
  5. In some cases, prolonged huskiness of the throat might be a symptom of a serious underlying medical condition such as cancer or vocal cord paralysis. In such a case, you should seek medical attention as soon as possible.

The symptoms of laryngitis are as follows:

  1. A constant sensation of dry throat which might lead to permanent impairment of voice
  2. Persistent sensation of titillation in the throat coupled with a persistent dry cough
  3. Significant pain while swallowing food
  4. Feeling of fullness in the throat
  5. Severe pain in the throat

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