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Laparoscopic Colon Cancer Surgeries!

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Laparoscopic Colon Cancer Surgeries!

Cancer, in any form, is a deadly disease that requires immediate attention and treatment. Colon cancer is a common form of the disease, with over 10 lakh people reportedly affected in India each year.

In some cases, surgery is the only remedy for colon cancer. Depending on the progression of your cancer, if surgery becomes necessary, you should consider undergoing laparoscopic surgeries.

What is a laparoscopic surgery?

While most surgeries are open, where a large incision is made on the body to operate on the internal organs and tissues, it’s not the same with laparoscopic surgery. Here very small incisions are made on a particular body part to carry out the surgery. The procedure gets its name from the equipment used in the operation. A laparoscope is a tube-like instrument that has a camera on one end. During the surgery, this laparoscope is inserted in the patient’s body and the image relayed back by the camera is used to perform the surgery.

In case of laparoscopic colon cancer surgeries, the surgeon uses the same method to reach your the cancerous mass in your colon and remove it.

Why choose laparoscopic colon cancer surgeries?

As a person affected by cancer, you have already endured substantial pain and discomfort. You do not need additional discomfort from your surgery. This is why laparoscopic surgeries are so popular when it comes to colon cancer. Here are some benefits of the procedure over the standard surgery.

• Less pain after the surgery
• Limited stay at the hospital post surgery
• Allows you to return to a solid food diet sooner after the surgery
• Allows normal bowel function to resume quicker
• Less scaring from the procedure
• Faster return to a normal lifestyle

Not everyone is eligible for open surgery to treat colon cancer. For instance, open surgery on elderly people can be extremely dangerous. For them, laparoscopic surgeries are a better alternative.

Are you eligible for laparoscopic surgery?

Before you opt for laparoscopic surgery to treat your colon cancer, consult an expert. The surgeon will help you understand whether you meet the requirements for laparoscopic surgeries. Your doctor will evaluate your case and let you know which procedure will have the maximum impact on your long-term recovery from cancer.

Is laparoscopic surgery as effective in treating colon cancer as open surgery?

According to a study performed by a Canadian team of researchers, the laparoscopic procedure is just as useful in treating colon cancer as the standard surgery. However, each case of colon cancer is different and the outcome of surgery may vary from person to person.

In case you have a concern or query you can always consult a specialist & get answers to your questions!
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