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Know The Reasons Of ED In Diabetes Patients

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Know The Reasons Of ED In Diabetes Patients

Erectile dysfunction is a male problem where the person cannot achieve an erection for long enough to enjoy sexual intercourse. This may be caused due to several reasons including hormonal imbalances, stress and anxiety, depression, and the presence of other chronic ailments like cardiovascular diseases and diabetes, to name a few. Diabetes is known to affect this part of the male anatomy in an adverse fashion. As per many medical studies, almost 35% to 75% of the male patients suffering from this condition will end up with erectile dysfunction as a symptom at some point. Read on to know more about erectile dysfunction or impotence, and its link with diabetes.

  1. Causes: So why exactly do men with diabetes land up with erectile dysfunction? This is due to the fact that diabetes often impairs the functions in the vital nerves, blood vessels and several muscles. This hinders the stimulation process which helps in achieving an erection and holding it for long enough. Male nerves and hormones are all linked with this function, which may get hindered due to the presence of diabetes. These hormones and nerves as well as the blood vessels, help in controlling the erection as well, once it has been achieved. When these portions are impaired, there is less blood flow which leads to either non responsiveness or the inability to retain an erection even after a satisfactory response has been achieved.
  2. Oral Medication: Men who are suffering from diabetes and have a problem of getting and holding an erection can turn to oral medication as prescribed by the doctor. The medicines include Sildenafil, Tadalafil, Avanafil or even Vardenafil.
  3. Heart and Medication: Often, diabetes is tied crucially with heart disease. Therefore, before taking any such medication, the patient must get a doctor's opinion regarding the patient’s heart condition. In case there is any heart problem or cardiovascular disease in sight, then the doctor must dissuade the patient from taking any of the above mentioned medicines as it may lead to a fatality. Also, if the patient is already on medication for the heart, then these medicines can cause some serious side effects when they interact with the heart medication.
  4. Other Treatment:Patients who are suffering from diabetes and erectile dysfunction may also try other forms of treatment including intracavernous injection therapy as well as vacuum erection devices without any constriction at play. Also, the patient can be asked to use penile prosthese that are inflatable and malleable.

In many cases, stress is seen as a major problem for people suffering from chronic diseases. Sex therapy can be used by the patient to get over this stress and enjoy a normal sex life without impotence. If you wish to discuss about any specific problem, you can consult a Sexologist.

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