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Know More About Laparoscopy

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Hello everyone, this Dr Parul Aggarwal again, today I will be talking to you about Laparoscopy in gynaecology. What is laparoscopy exactly, we all know about laparoscopy, everybody is talking about laparoscopy. Laparoscopy is also called as minimally invasive surgery or a keyhole surgery but what exactly it is. Let me try to clear some queries, some doubts in your mind regarding the laparoscopy. First, a fall laparoscopy is a procedure in which we introduce a camera through a light source and we see inside your pelvic and abdomen, what exactly the problem is and when we are able to find out the problem, we try to see and treat at the same sitting. Why it so talk about laparoscopy nowadays, why is everybody saying get laparoscopy done, everything should be done a laparoscopy. There are many advantages, first a fall the surgery is done through very small incisions, hardly half-inch incision is made on the tummy. There are 2 to 3 incisions are made, but they are very small. So your recovery is fast, your hospital state gets decreased at least to better cosmoses you can return to your daily to daily activities quiet soon which is ultimately result in low social, economic burden to you. Laparoscopy though comes with many advantages, it has a very low complication rate. And today laparoscopy is not only limited to diagnostic purpose, it is also an answer and a treatment to many-many of our problems like the ovarian cyst, though all other variant things don’t need any surgery those who need surgery can be easily done with laparoscopically. Then you come with the fibroid, this is a very common term you have heard about ye fibroid ho gaya, infertility ka problem ho raha hai, periods ka problem ho raha hai this can also be did with laparoscopically. Even now days full uterus is also removed through laparoscopically that is hysterectomy, logon ko lagta hai ki laparoscopy kiya toh kuch pieces ander reh jaate hai, aisa bilkul bhi nahi hai. During the hysterectomy everything is removed shown to the patient, so don’t have this in mind ki laparoscopy hoga toh uterus ke kuch pieces ander reh jaaenge, aisa kabhi bhi nahi hota hai. It is also used for the infertility procedure, for the diagnostic purpose as well as for the treatment purpose. So what exactly is the cause for infertility and if whether it is treatable or not? Then it can also use for Ectopic pregnancy, Ectopic pregnancy is when the pregnancy is not at it normal side when it is implanted in the tube or ovarian this can all we did with laparoscopy. Why we all emphasis more on laparoscopy, first a fall we get same large incisions which we during laparotomy. As I earlier mention you resume your daily to daily activities, you have a lesser complications and besides inside your tummy also you have lesser of addition. So in future also if you need any surgery or any procedure requires, there are a lesser rate of complications, if the prior procedure had been done laparoscopically. So I will be briefing you about how exactly it is done. This is normally done under full anaesthesia, you are made to sleep during the whole procedure so that you don’t feel any pain. Then a small incision is made on your umbilicus through which a laparoscope like this is a telescope like a thing in which a camera is attached through which we can see inside the abdomen. And then another procedure is planned 2 or 3 other incisions are also made on the abdomen which is less than a half inch. So that the instruments are introduced and we can manipulate inside. After the procedure is completed all the instruments are removed and you have applied a small bandage. Normally the stay of the hospital after this surgery is only 1 to 2 days and if the surgery is big if the surgery is long or it has been like uterus removal has been done or directly has been done, you might have to stay in the hospital for 2 or 3 days. But the recovery time is very-very short you normally get back in 7 to 10 days. In today's era, everybody is working, everybody is short of time, everybody is so much engaged in their activities. Laparoscopy gives a boom to you not only in sense of time but also speed recovery, you can resume your activities earlier and also a lesser complication. If you have any query regarding this, you can contact me on Lybrate. Thank you. 

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