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Hi! I am Dr. Lalit Chaudhary, Senior consultant plastic surgeon at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital and Vice Chairman right now.

We have all range of surgeries - not just reconstructive plastic surgery but also the cosmetic surgeries with us. Nowadays , gradually the cosmetic surgery cases have gone up by more than 50% of the plastic surgery practices. More common cosmetics side patients who are coming to us, are about body contouring in both the males and females.

In males, we see nowadays very common , is the male breast tissue with enlarged breast or what we call as Gynaecomastia. It can be completely cured with a small operation which is practically scar less. Generally next day , you can join with your routine work and there is 3 weeks of weight bearing issue, otherwise table job and walking is fine.

Same in females, there is tummy tuck, breast enhancement and reduction. Most commonly for face, we come across patients coming for rhinoplasty or the nose job.  Then the hair transplant procedure where big number of patients suffering from baldness or loss of hair come.

Generally other than the cosmetic procedures, we have well-developed plastic surgery department set up at our Ganga Ram Hospital. We also practice as a clinic basis in Dwarka where we generally see the patient. There is no operation facility there. That is basically the post-op care of the pre-op care for the patient. We can see the patient of this area and surgery is done in Sir Ganga Ram Hospital only.

If you have any queries related to the cosmetic surgeries or the reconstructive plastic surgery or trauma like fingers trauma or complete amputation, right from that level to the reconstruction - may be a cancer reconstruction or a congenital reconstruction or a post-traumatic reconstruction, we have everything with us under the same umbrella in Sir Ganga Ram Hospital. If you have any issues which are from that part of it and if you stay somewhere around in Dwarka, you can come to the clinic and show it to me.

So if you have any issues related to the cosmetic surgery or plastic or reconstructive surgery, you are most welcome to contact me either at my Chisel Clinic in Dwarka or Sir Ganga Ram Hospital where we see daily from 12-4 in OPD here. We have a good team supporting us and Residency Program with us so you have round the clock care which is not present everywhere in Delhi NCR. Even in India you won't find such plastic surgery facilities. So you are most welcome to have any query with us. Take care.

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