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Knee Pain

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Hi friends, I am Dr Ashwani Maichand and I am Orthopaedic surgeon based in Delhi. Today we will be talking about knee pain, knee pain is actually one of the commonest causes why people visit orthopaedic OPD’s we divide knee pain into three groups one athlete, second young females and third elderly patients. The causes are entirely different in our three groups and when to contact a doctor, how to prevent the problem and what are the causes will be discussing each of them. Let's take athlete first, we have now we see people are taking sports as a career now and the knee is one of the most important commonly injured joints causes can be cartilage tear what we call meniscal tear, it can be ligament tears, it can be tendon tear, it can be a muscle tear. So at the earliest, you should look for a knee surgeon, the knee is a very specialist branch these days, it's just not any Orthopaedic surgeon you should look for a knee surgeon. So, contact the person, the expert as soon as possible don't self-treat yourself because these problems can be treated very nicely at the early stage. If you delay there can be complications and it can affect your career that's a simple message. Second young ladies in their early thirties, late thirties they start having pain when their climbing stairs when they are squatting when they are getting up from chair and generally they ignore it. The reason is very very simple, the knee has only two things muscles and bones, one of them get a week with time or with lack of exercise, so we must get assist by an Orthopaedic surgeon by knee surgeon. What is the cause, in young ladies generally it is the beginning of osteoporosis that is lack of calcium in bones, one and second, the muscles on the medial side that is the inner side of the thigh they become weaker as compared to the muscle of the lateral side that is the outer aspect of the thigh, what happens it causes imbalance in your knee cap, the knee cap gets tilted on the outer side, it starts rubbing against your Femur bone the thigh bone it causes pain when you are climbing stairs, walking is perfectly fine but remember this is the beginning of the Arthritis which you will be suffering when you are 50 + and 60 +. If you stop this thing right now, there are high chances that you never suffer from Arthritis and you will never go for a knee replacement. So we should take opinion No.2, we should get our Vitamin D and Calcium check regularly and No.3, of course, regular exercises even if its a walk, jogging whatever yoga anything keep your body flexible, keep your muscles strong, keep your bones strong. Now we come to the elderly grow the osteoarthritis, that means the wear and tear of knee joints with age, so it's very common in 60 + and 70 + people. They come with Arthritis they have deformed joints and it affects not only their knees but their spine as well as their general well being. These days knee replacement is very successful surgery, very nicely done people hardly discharge on 3rd or 4th day they are walking the very next day these days knee replacement is done by MIS technique, whenever required avail it doesn't wait. Generally, we have pain in one knee and we wait for the other knee to get spoilt, we wait for the spine to have Arthritis then we go for knee replacement but by that time we have lost our 10-15 years of good productive life. So get treatment in time because this is something that is age-related if it happens, get it treated don't suffer. So that was the message, I am available for further opinions further the details on Lybrate.

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