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Is Surgery The Best Option For Lower Back Pain?

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Is Surgery The Best Option For Lower Back Pain?

Pain in the lower back is very annoying and there are many non-surgical options available for treating this pain. Some of the options for treatment of the lumbar pain include intake of typical medications and these include acetaminophen, narcotic drugs, NSAIDs, muscle relaxants, oral steroids and anti-depressants. Before starting any treatment it is advisable to consult a spine specialist and set up a suitable treatment program depending on your medical history and specific condition.

Non-Surgical treatments for Lower back Pain
Surgery is definitely not the best option to treat lower back pain of the lumbar spine. The main purpose of providing treatment for managing pain of the lumbar spine is to provide relief from the pain. It is through improved posture and ergonomics that further injury to the spine can be prevented. It is with rehabilitation and physical therapy that daily activities can be carried out. The common non-surgical treatments that can be carried out include use of ice or heat on the area of pain. Application of a heating pad or cold pack relieves pain and for some alternating the hot and cold packs works much better.

Manual Manipulation
Manual manipulation is a treatment done by an osteopathic doctor, qualified health professional or by a chiropractor. In this treatment pain in the lower back is reduced by reducing the pressure on the sensitive structures, by improving the blood flow, increasing the flexibility and by reducing the muscle tension.

It is very important to exercise regularly to reduce pain in the lower back. Physical therapy and exercise together work effectively well and mainly include low-impact aerobic exercises and strengthening. The other option is therapeutic massage, it is beneficial in improving the blood flow, decreases the stiffness of the body and even reduces muscle stiffness. There are epidural injections which are also used to deliver steroids. This reduces the inflammation in the affected area and provides relief.

Lifestyle Changes
Changes in the lifestyle of an individual are also beneficial in reducing lower back pain. The main lifestyle changes that must be incorporated include quitting smoking, improved posture and ergonomics, activity modifications and weight loss. In very few patients the condition of lower back pain is so severe that they cannot perform their daily activities and it is for them that surgery is a must.

Stay Away From Pain
Your back muscles and your stomach should be strong and in good shape. It is important that the right back exercises are performed every day for a few minutes to improve the abdominal and back muscles. Injury to the back can be prevented by exercises that stretch and strengthen the muscles. The best and simple preventative treatment for providing relief from back pain is definitely exercising regularly.

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