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Is Diabetes A Major Cause Of Erectile Dysfunction?

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Is Diabetes A Major Cause Of Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction, more commonly known as impotence, refers to one’s inability to keep an erection firm enough for sexual intercourse. Although not much talked about, this condition afflicts nearly 50% of all men from different age groups and background.

Many people experience erectile dysfunction due to the following-

  1. Stress/anxiety
  2. Lifestyle choices
  3. Health conditions/diseases (hypertension, obesity, cardiovascular diseases etc.)

Is there any link between Diabetes and ED?
Although Erectile Dysfunction and Diabetes are two separate conditions, they go hand-in-hand. Men with diabetes are more likely to develop ED. Diabetes occurs when the blood sugar level increases because of inadequate insulin production.

The link between ED and Diabetes is related to blood circulation and nervous system. Uncontrollable blood sugar level damages the nerve and blood vessels. Damage to your nerves, which control sexual response and stimulation, can disrupt a person’s ability to get an erection suitable enough for sexual intercourse.

Studies reveal that about 10% of men, who are diabetic, will develop erectile dysfunction within 5-10 years.

How does Homeopathy treat ED?

The origin of Homeopathy dates back to the 18th Century. Prepared from extracts of natural plants, animals and minerals, homeopathy medicines/remedies are used to treat and rectify underlying predispositions of ED. Homeopathic treatment aims to treat the individual as a whole, instead of targeting specific ailing parts of the body. It takes into account the symptoms of the condition along with the underlying causes, and one’s overall health. Thus, homeopathy treats the root cause of the problem. For instance, if diabetes is the cause of erectile dysfunction, homeopathic remedies/medicines will be given to control the blood sugar level.

Conventional methods for ED treatment often fail to address the actual cause behind the disease, and leave behind side effects after treatment. Here again, homeopathy stands apart. The most striking advantage of homeopathy over conventional treatment is that, it has zero side effects.

Erectile dysfunction can be distressing and embarrassing for most men. To get rid of the problem permanently, one needs to go for a treatment that will eliminate the disease from its root. Homeopathy is the best way of treating this condition.

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