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Irregular Menses - Reasons Behind It!

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Irregular Menses - Reasons Behind It!

For young girls who have attained their puberty and have started with their menstruation cycle, it is not uncommon to see irregularity in the patterns of their cycles. Irregularities might be of various kinds like missing the cycle suddenly and resuming from the month after, less discharge of blood than normal, heavy discharge than normal and the likes. There are several causes of these irregularities that are faced by women. Some of the causes of irregular menstrual cycles are explained below. 

The main and commonest reason for irregular menses is the “immaturity of the hormonal pattern”. At puberty, certain new hormones start circulating in your body which cause changes in your reproductive organs namely the ovary and uterus. As these hormones are being set into a routine pattern, irregular cycles are common, and these are predominantly seen just after puberty uptll 21 years and in women nearing menopause, ie. After 40 years of age. In some, the irregularity also remains all throughout life. This is Normal too. The ONLY worry of irregular cycles is about excessive bleeding, or very irregular cycles which could be due to some local physical problems in ovary ( cysts ), uterus (excess lining development, polyps, uterine fibroids etc.) or hormones (thyroid deficiency, high prolactin, etc.) But the most common causes of irregular cycles are as below: 

  1. High-Stress Level: Stress has a direct effect on your body when it comes to experiencing your cycles. Excessive stress levels in your body lead to the release of certain hormones in brain and body which interfere in the functioning of normal hormones and this cause an abnormal menstrual cycle. Hence, it is often said that stress, anger and anxiety should be reduced in order to lead a healthy life as well as to experience normal menstrual cycles. 
  2. Diet: Consumption of food must be taken care of when you enter your puberty. Diet has an effect on your body. You must not either indulge into excessive fatty or oily foods on one hand, or you must not enter into a crash diet or start starving yourself, on the other. Both these extreme cases affect the normal flow of your menstrual cycle, by creating a hormonal imbalance
  3. Weight Loss: Your weight must be maintained in synchronization with your height. Overweight and underweight are both harmful in their own accord. If you are trying to reduce weight, then the procedures should be a mixture of balanced diet and proper exercise. In fact, it is best to take help of a dietician for such purposes. Self-practiced weight loss, extreme starvation diets at times can go out of hand and this might cause an irregularity in your menstrual cycle. 
  4. Exercise: Exercise is a daily requirement for maintaining proper health. But exercise should also be undertaken under a trainer or proper guidance. Excessive exercise would lead to a release of stress hormones in the body which would start interfering with not only your menstrual cycles but also other health conditions. Hence, exercise is required but not too much of it which would spoil the balance of the body. 

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