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INSULIN - Myths and Facts!

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INSULIN - Myths and Facts!

Insulin is the most effective treatment option to control diabetes but many misconceptions about insulin stop patient to use it timely, which puts them at risk of harmful effects of high blood sugar levels. Here are few misconceptions and facts about insulin...

Myth 1. Insulin is used in only late stage of diabetes.

Fact - Insulin can be used at any stage of diabetes. whenever blood sugars are very high i.e. > 300 mg/dl, insulin should be used to control diabetes rapidly. Insulin is advised to people with newly diagnosed diabetes as first treatment option if blood sugars are more than 300 mg/dl.

Myth 2. Once patient starts using insulin, he has to use it for lifetime.

Fact - Many times use of insulin is for short duration of time. use of insulin is not habit forming. insulin is used temporarily for many patients when they have infections, during surgery, during critical illness etc.

Myth 3. Insulin is harmful to kidneys and other organs.

Fact - Insulin in not harmful to any organ. in fact timely use of insulin can help people to control their diabetes and save them from ill effects of diabetes like heart attack, paralysis, kidney failure, diabetic retinopathy, foot problems etc.

Myth 4. Use of insulin is very complex procedure and it can NOT be managed at home.

Fact - With help of newer devices like insulin pens and ultra fine needles, self injection of insulin has become very easy with little training by medical personnel. Even children with type 1 diabetes are able to inject insulin themselves. If you have any more questions, you are welcome to contact me. USE INSULIN, DEFEAT DIABETES.

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