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Indian Herbs That Aid In Weight Loss!

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Indian Herbs That Aid In Weight Loss!

In order to burn your body fat, rather than opting for high-intensity diet plan including chicken and salad, then you are surely missing out some of the very effective and important ingredients that must be included - Indian herbs and spices.

Indian herbs add flavour without adding on calories, extra sugar or any other junk food which can deteriorate your health. Let us get on a plan which helps in enhancing the metabolism of your body. The different Indian herbs that aids in weight loss are as follows:

1. Turmeric
The turmeric is a bright yellow coloured ingredient that aids in shedding the extra kilos by burning body fat. It contains the substance called curcumin which helps in enhancing the metabolic rate of the body simply by elevating the body heat. It helps to combat Alzheimer’s disease in order to keep a check on the hormonal level. So, you can consume turmeric simply by adding turmeric in soups.

2. Cinnamon
This helps in maintaining the blood sugar level and helps in reducing the cravings and helps in remaining satiated for a longer period of time. You can supplement your oat dish with cinnamon, or you may add it in cottage cheese, yoghurt, etc.

3. Cumin
Cumin is a very wonderful spice as it helps in burning the fat off your body with as much faster as three times than any other spice. Cumin is known to add flavour to almost every food. You may supplement any dish with cumin such as soups, rubs, marinades, vegetables, baked food etc.

4. Ginger
Ginger is an excellent ingredient for those who suffer from blood sugar problems. It helps in preventing the rise in blood sugar levels after having a high calorie- sugar-rich meal. It can burn fat and also enhances the metabolism by producing more heat in the body.

5. Garlic
It is a smell producing ingredient but surely an excellent way to reduce fat. Research has proven that those who had consumed garlic have lost more weight as compared to those who didn’t take it. It helps in making food a lot tastier and it contains other essential nutrients which can be beneficial for your body if consumed in the raw fashion.

6. Black pepper
Black pepper also possesses fat burning properties. It aids in the prevention of formation of new fat cells, therefore preventing weight gain. It can give a fantastic taste if you add it in yoghurt, cottage cheese, and oatmeal.

7. Cardamom
It is one of the heats producing substance and helps in increasing the temperature of the body and therefore boosting the metabolic rate of the body. It is a preferred one as people add it to tea and other curry like dishes.

8. Dandelions
Dandelions are an excellent way to make food more nutritious especially the meals and the other drinks. This substance can enhance the vitamin intake such as that of vitamin A, C and E. It helps in reducing the weight of the body by removing belly fat.

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