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Inch Loss Treatment - Know Working Of It!

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Inch Loss Treatment - Know Working Of It!

Excess fat is the last thing a person needs in his body. The word ‘fat’ can really make a person go low on confidence. Self-esteem takes a hit when extra fat gets concentrated in any particular body part, especially in regions like hips, thighs and abdomen. Each and every individual desires to have a good physique and a well-toned body but this modern fast-paced lifestyles, strenuous jobs, lack of time to do any sort of physical exercise, makes body fitness along with with weight management a distant dream. Generally, accumulation of fat around the abdomen is a cause for major embarrassment, as this is fancily even referred to as spare tyre or fat belly, leading to an awkward situation for a lot of people.

Though maintaining the diet in a religious manner and doing exercises on a regular basis, can work wonders for losing fat and move towards a well-toned body but still, they cannot help in fighting accumulated fat in certain parts of the body.

This is where therapies like Inch Loss Treatment comes into play.

What Is Inch Loss Treatment?
Inch Loss Treatment uses ultrasound technology to destroy fatty cells and radiofrequency is used to have a firm and tightened skin. This can be used to treat and thereby get rid of excess fat from tummies, arms, bums and thighs.

This is suitable for all those people who are healthy, stay active and want to reduce the stubborn inches, which do not go away even after doing exercises, gym and maintaining diet. It also helps those people, who have gone through the weight-loss programme and have resulted in getting loose skin, by the cavitation, hence destroying the fatty parts of the body, which still remains even after exercises, whereas the radiofrequency helps to tighten the skin, hence reducing skin ripples and smoothening out the dimples.

Benefits of The Treatment
People can immediately garner benefits out of each treatment, which happens to be a great source for maintaining motivation level up. Though the initial results after treatment would reduce over a couple of weeks but each repeat treatment would help in developing long term results and keep improving on that. Generally, a person would require a course of 6 treatments, each being spaced 2-3 weeks apart.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle would ensure that the results are long-lasting, which would usually start to show up within 3-6 months. Helping oneself by remaining active, taking food which contains low calories and less fat and drinking plenty of water would ensure in optimizing the results even further.

This treatment ensures dual action of getting fat reduced and tightening up the skin, hence ensuring that people do not end up with saggy skin free of wrinkles, once that extra fat goes away.

How Does Inch Loss Treatment Work?

  1. Inch Loss Treatment involves a combined use of ultrasound and radiofrequency, lasting for an hour.
  2. Ultrasound helps to break down the outer walls of the fat cells so that the cells get frittered away into the body, hence leading to natural elimination.
  3. Radiofrequency helps in stimulating the production of collagen, which in turn tightens the skin as a person starts to lose his extra fat.
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