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How To Heal Your Body?

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Ayurvedic Doctor, Gurgaon
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I am Dr. Sanjay Warke. We help you in getting a perfect solution for your mind, body and soul. We provide you a lot of services in PAN India. Like yoga, meditation, healing, ayurveda, stress correction. We also give star magic and bioenergy healing therapy which are not easily available anywhere else in India. Now I will tell you about a magnesium float pool service. This helps your body to absorb magnesium which is an essential mineral for your body. In today's diet, we do not have enough green. We drink RO water which strips magnesium. So, we help you to reach at the magnesium level in the best possible way through the skin.

We also do the test pre and post-therapy just to show you the results that what exactly it has done to your body. What are the benefits of magnesium to your body? It is good for your heart health, it controls inflammation, reduces the risk of strokes and cancer. And the list is endless. Now the second therapy is sound healing. It allows the body to heal very beautifully. Because of this, we have seen that disease really disappears. it controls stress and anxiety. It helps in depression, sleep disorder, pain, digestion and endocrine problems. Third therapy is chakra healing.

Each body part has a separate body function. It keeps your mental states very calm. With this therapy, you will find that your body is in a good condition. You are not going to have anxiety in your body. It balances both physical and mental state. Our therapy is based on nanotechnology. You need to leave your saliva with us. No need to come again to the centre as wherever you are, by the help of this therapy, your chakras will be balanced. Because we work on your DNA by the help of devices. Fourth is biofeedback. We have a very advanced device. It gives us all the details whatever is happening in your body. It heals the body with the signals. We have seen so many good results with this therapy. Ayurveda treats the body as the whole. It treats the disease from the root. We measure all 3 doshas, vatta, pitta, and cougha. And we tell you what is happening inside the body.

We balance your diet plan. We also treat you with the help of yoga. We have an organic cafe here which serves organic coffee, tea and juices. We have geopathic stress corrections. We scientifically correct the vastu of your living. We neutralised the space of living. We also have a meditation cave which is called anahatta. We have another whole host of healing therapy.

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