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How To Care For Your Ageing Skin?

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How To Care For Your Ageing Skin?

Staring into the mirror can be listed as one of the most popular pastimes. However, with age, we do not like the image that stares back at us. The black dots, the fine lines, wrinkles begin to deter us from looking into the mirror. So is there a way to take care of your ageing skin.

8 Quick daily habits can help you take care of your ageing skin

  1. Manage sun damage: More than 50% of the skin issues are attributed to unprotected sun exposure. From blemishes to melanomas, they do a lot of damage. While exposure to the sun cannot be completely avoided, protection can definitely be used. Especially when you are going to be out for prolonged periods, ensure using a sunscreen with sufficient SPF. Using full-sleeved shirts, wide-brimmed hats, sunglasses, and full pants go a long way in avoiding sun damage.
  2. Clearing of the skin: The skin tends to constantly shed off the top layers and get a fresh layer from the underlying layers. This top layer is naturally exfoliated but there are multiple substances which do a better job. Be it almond powder or orange powder, boiled potato peel or walnut powder, the top layers need to be periodically removed to make way for fresh, younger looking skin. A weekly routine of skin exfoliation is advisable.
  3. Moisturize the skin: The skin, especially with age, has a tendency to dry up and this can be avoided with the use of copious amounts of moisturiser. Pick a time of the day where there is a good chance for the cream or lotion to stay on your skin; for many, nights during sleep time works wonders.
  4. Cleaning the skin: A habit of washing the face regularly is very good for skin health. This also clears it of environmental pollutants and so helps in keeping the skin clean.
  5. Night care: Even though you are used to makeup during the day, it would be wonderful if you could leave the skin for a couple of hours with no makeup. The skin breathes free and this helps in the clearing of the pores, which usually leads to acne.
  6. Diet: Include a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grain, eggs, and milk products. These will provide the skin with the essential nutrients along with protein and help in skin regeneration. Drink about 2 litres of water to keep a healthy skin tone.
  7. Rest: A well-maintained sleep routine also helps in preventing ageing of the skin.
  8. Exercise: Needless to say, sweat it out. This opens up the skin pores and keeps the skin clear and healthy.

Doing these routinely will help in keeping the skin younger, firmer, and glowing with no wrinkles or fine lines.

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