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Last Updated: Jan 10, 2023

Anal Fissure - How Ayurvedic Remedies Helps in Treating It

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Dr. S K Singh, Sushruta Ano Rectal Institute Piles And Fistula TreatmentGeneral Surgeon • 37 Years Exp.M.S. (Ayurveda), Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
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A tear in the anal canal is called anal fissure. When the skin breaks, it can cause pain and extreme discomfort. Some amount of bleeding during defecation may also be experienced. When the anal aperture is over-strained, it results in a crack leading to a fissure. In women, delivery trauma can lead to anal fissure. Ulcer in the anal canal or sexually transmitted diseases too can cause the anal fissure.

Ayurvedic Treatment for Anus Fissure

In children, it is commonly due to injury by passing hard stool. The fissure is usually seen at the anal verge. This being a highly sensitive area; any scratch or tear in this area gives excruciating pain, burning, itching, irritation like symptoms. There may be spasm in the anal region (which is a protective mechanism) and the patients are scared of passing stools. Sometimes the patient avoids eating food so as to avoid going to the toilet.

Usually, the pain subsides in an hour or so. However in some conditions where there is underlying inflammation and infection; the pain may persist the whole day. Recurrent anal fissure which has not been treated properly gives rise to extra skin growth known as sentinel tag. 

Ayurvedic Medicine for Anus Fissure

In the patient suffering from Anal fissure; it is very important to regulate the bowel habits properly. Some mild laxatives may be used to soften the stool. Hot sitz bath and use of some soothing ointments, coconut oil, ghee, etc. are helpful as they avoid the irritation. Ayurveda can completely cure people suffering from anal fissures problem. The treatment duration of the anal fissure in Ayurveda differs from one individual to another. 

Ayurveda treatment is also based on the severity of the disease. In acute anal fissure; the allopathic doctors usually recommend surgery. The commonest adverse effect of surgery is incontinence where the patient is unable to hold stools. However acute anal fissure can be treated without surgery very effectively using Ayurvedic Kshar Karma. In this therapy; certain ayurvedic medicines are applied in the anal fissure so as to promote healing.

The sittings are repeated after weekly intervals and fissure heals in 3-4 sittings. In this way; this is a highly specific, very effective, and convenient ayurvedic method of treating anal fissure. In chronic anal fissure with associated Sentinel tag; Ksharsutra ligation is used to remove the tag followed by Kshar Karma sittings. In case you have a concern or query you can always consult an expert & get answers to your questions!

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