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How Acupressure Can Treat Hair Problems?

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How Acupressure Can Treat Hair Problems?

Acupressure is a branch of alternative medicine similar to acupuncture, the only difference being that there are no needles involved but the application of pressure using either just hands or some implement. It is related to stimulating the life force or energy so as to normalise its flow throughout your body. It is an ancient Chinese technique that has existed for about 5000 years now. It can be used to provide relief from a variety of ailments, improve your immune system and prevent general predicaments like hair damage. Here are a few ways in which acupressure can help in treating hair problems:

  1. Hair fall: Hair growth is directly related to the amount of blood flow in your scalp and the secretion from your adrenal glands. What acupressure does is stimulate this flow and improves blood circulation. Acupressure massage along with olive oil application can work wonders for your hair by decreasing the amount of DHT hormone (the main reason behind hair fall) thereby limiting hair fall. Acupressure massages also help remove dandruff and dead skin from the scalp by regulating blood flow. Additionally, since hair fall is also connected to stress, acupressure will help minimise stress, relax your body and uplift your immune system.
  2. Hair regrowth: As soon as you can stop excessive hair fall, you can focus on the regrowth of your hair. It requires a healthy scalp and the proper delivery of nutrients to the scalp. All of this can be achieved by applying the right amount of pressure at the right areas to help in hair growth. Full head massage is the key but if you’re short on time the most important spot would be “Paihui Spot”. This area is located at the top of your head and to stimulate it you need to gently stroke that pressure point a few times a day. It is guaranteed to increase the volume of your hair.
  3. Dandruff: Dandruff is caused because of a number of problems, most of which are underlying symptoms that medication might not be able to get to. Which is why it’s essential to attack this problem by tackling the root cause, which is the accumulation of toxins in your body, and dry scalp which means a lack of essential oils or even underlying microbe culture. Thus, acupressure while stimulating blood flow also helps regulate oxygen flow and massaging with natural oils like lavender, jojoba or even lemon can go a long way in providing your body with the essential oils that it is starved of.

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