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Homeopathic Treatment For Allergies

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Homeopathic Treatment For Allergies

Allergies in simple terms can be explained as increased sensitivity towards certain food items, objects, and weather. Allergies can be caused by an individual due to various reasons. The primary sources of allergens are pollen, dust, and dirt, which can cause breathing troubles, asthma, and headaches.

Allergies in any form are of two distinct types. First, they are seasonal. It has been noticed that in most cases, one gets an allergy when there is a season change. This is a type of seasonal allergy. Second is the perennial form of allergy wherein an individual gets an allergy from a particular allergy-causing substance all year round. Such allergies include food allergies, dust allergies, skin allergies and the like.


There are certain common symptoms whenever a person catches allergies. These would include itching on several parts of the body including hands, eyes, neck, and legs. It would also cause the area to flare up. The skin becomes reddish in color, owing to the allergy itself and due to the constant itching because of the irritation. Apart from these, water can flow from the eyes or one may experience shortness of breath quite often. Also, certain allergies are accompanied by asthma.


The most basic test which is carried out by homeopathic Doctor, even while treating allergies through homeopathy, is a blood test. A blood test has the ability to determine whether you are suffering from an allergy or not. It would also help you to figure out the substance that is causing the allergy and at what stage it currently is. This helps in administering the correct medicines so that the allergy is cured fast.

  1. If eczema is suspected, then the doctor advises for a skin patch test to be conducted to know more in detail about the skin condition.

  2. Skin prick test is also carried out at times when needed. Here, a needle pricks the skin with a known allergen. If the skin does not react, then it is a negative test; but if it reacts, then it is a positive test, indicating an allergy.


There are several homeopathic medicines, which help in curing common and uncommon allergic reactions. Some of the popularly prescribed ones include the following:

  1. Histamine for those allergic to dust and string perfumes

  2. Sepia for those who are completely or partially lactose intolerant

  3. Nux Vom for those who are allergic to coffee

  4. Nitri-spiritus dulcis for those who are allergic to cheese

  5. Sulphur for those allergic to antibiotics or drugs of any form

Thus, these are some of the common treatments homeopathic prescribes in order to get quick relief from allergies. If you wish to discuss any specific problem, you can consult a Homeopath.

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