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High Blood Pressure & Heart Problem - How They Are Related?

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High Blood Pressure & Heart Problem - How They Are Related?

Most people spend extremely busy lives, which do not allow them close to enough time to exercise and stay fit, but has more than enough stress. This is made worse by bad diets. Both these factors together lead to high blood pressure levels. While knowing that one has high blood pressure is not going to lead to much cheer at all, being told that it is linked to heart disease is going to make one feel worse. But, what exactly is the link?

High BP and Heart Disease
When a person has high blood pressure, it means that the heart has no option, but to work harder to make sure that blood circulates around the body. As such, the heart becomes stiff. Apart from that, the arteries, which carry fresh blood filled with oxygen, are gradually damaged. This is because the inner linings get damaged. So when you suffer from high blood pressure, heart attacks, strokes, heart failures and atherosclerosis are not uncommon.

As a result of having a high blood pressure, the muscles of the heart begin to weaken over time. Heart failure is what eventually happens. When it does happen, there is a fluid which starts filling up the body. A heart check-up may show an irregular heartbeat rate. Many people who are not familiar with the heart feel that a heart attack is the same as a heart failure. However, this is not the case. A heart attack can lead to immediate death, while heart failure implies improper pumping of blood.

A continuous excess pressure on the heart often results in an enlarged left heart. The left ventricle, which is a part of the heart, expands and this means some very serious things including the prospect of a heart failure, a heart attack or even a sudden and lethal cardiac arrest.

However, this is not the only side of things when it comes to heart disease. Coronary artery disease is a possible result of high blood pressure as well. This means that chest pain and heart attacks can occur due to this. Along with these two, an irregular heart rhythm, which is medically known as arrhythmia, can develop.

The health of a person means that even a part or aspect of him or her being abnormal can cause some far-reaching effects and high blood pressure leading to heart disease is a good example of it. So, it is best to make sure that one’s blood pressure levels are kept in an acceptable range!

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