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Heavy Bleeding At Menstruation

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Dr. Dimpy Irani 88% (13 ratings)
MD - Obstetrics & Gynaecology, MBBS, DGO, DNB
Gynaecologist, Mumbai  •  23 years experience
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I am Dr. Dimpy Irani. I am a gynecologist practicing in South Bombay. I am affiliated with all the major hospitals- Saifee Hospital, Breach Candy Hospital and Wockhardt Hospital. I have done my basic obstetrics and gynaecology course from KM h hospital after which I did my robotic registration from France and also did gynae aesthetic course through London, UK. I would like to talk about the recent advances in obstetrics and gynaecology. With the invention of drug delivery system, new endoscopic types of equipment, the introduction of robotics worldwide and many scientific innovations have changed obstetrics and gynae practice. Today we talk about major symptoms which Gynae patient comes about is Menorrhagia. Once upon a time it was all surgical intervention but now we have drug modulators for even fibroids. We have short surgical procedures like an introduction of IUD loops, TCRE which is like a day procedure and even if a patient requires surgical interventions we also have endoscopic surgeries. But now endoscopic surgery has moved on to robotics. Worldwide all major hospitals do robotic surgery.

I have been trained for the robotic surgery. We have a big robotic instrumentation at Saifee hospital where I do all my robotic surgeries. The big advantage of robotic surgery is- much decrease in the pain level of the patient, post-op the patient is totally pain-free ready to get discharged, very fewer complications, easy surgery, easy accessibility, 3D vision. So robotic surgery is here to stay. We also talk about current advancement which has come into gynaecology. We also have laparoscopic instruments. We have cancellations. We have new instruments like resection of the endometrium which was like not there before. Today we have the wide area of patients who come from adolescence to menopausal. All have their own problems. Adoloscents have their own issues cosmetic issues and polycystic ovaries and menopausal women, they are looking at their own benefits and avoiding any postmenopausal complication like osteoporosis and genitourinary problems.

We also have new machines for genitourinary complaints. So it is better to talk to your doctor rather than suffer with pain of menopausal and genitourinary complaints like urge incontinence when you are cannot control your urine. Let's move on to the Obstetric practice. Once upon a time when the patient was pregnant she was all into pregnancy, she would eat, she would forget about the cosmetic part and post-delivery she would realise that her body has taken a big toll. Right now No! Right now woman wants everything. Anti natally she wants to exercise, she wants to keep her cosmetics, skin, hair, dental everything in control. So we do have a full package where will look into the patient cosmetic physical health and also after delivery we also have a mummy makeup program. Today the major chunk of our consultations comes from infertile patients. Because of the pollution, stress, complications to late marriages, with women being educated and want to pursue their own career.

We have many options where we need to talk to your doctor- we have ovarian preservation, egg preservation, IVF where we look into older women we tell them not to waste time and go into an earlier treatment for infertility. So it is for patients to come to the doctor and talk with them and take early intervention and early treatment whether it is gynaecology, obstetrics or infertility treatment. And today we don't even treat patient by looking at the medical problems but we also take in total- what cosmetics they want? what are the issues they have? So it's a complete holistic approach which we today believe in obstetrics and gynaecology which would help wide area of patients from adolescents to young adolescents to women to menopausal women. All my wide area of patients from adolescence to menopause to young women, if you would like to consult me for all these problems, I am available at my private clinic and also available at Saifee Hospital and Wockhardt hospital and I am an honorary consultant in Breach Candy Hospital. All these appointments you can take through . I hope I can solve all your problems and look forward to a healthy life.

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