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Healthy Pregnancy - 7 Tips You Must Follow For It!

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Healthy Pregnancy - 7 Tips You Must Follow For It!

Pregnancy is that phase in a woman’s life where she has to take care of not only herself, but also the bundle of joy growing inside her body. Pregnancy gestation in humans is a total of nine months. These nine months the to-be mother has to be extra careful in all ways possible. At times, some complications may arise during this time. It is not possible to say that these complications can be avoided but at least precautions can be taken to live a healthy life during these nine months.

Here are some tips to follow during your pregnancy period for a healthy delivery.

  1. Smoking is a strict no-no during pregnancy. Due to mothers who smoke, the baby can be delivered prematurely or have a low birth weight. At times, mothers think that babies with low weight are easier to deliver. But it causes additional complications in the child and the mother after delivery.
  2. Proper balanced diet should be followed. According to age-old customs, to be mothers are asked to eat for two people. But that is not so. A mother needs a few extra calories which should be consumed through fruits and vegetables and not by eating chocolates or junk food. Also, water intake should be doubled to avoid constipation.
  3. Alcohol is deemed as poison for the baby growing inside you. Thus, it should be completely avoided by pregnant women.
  4. Additional vitamin and protein supplements in the form of tonics, capsules or even milk supplements can be consumed. These would give the necessary nutrition the body needs but is unable to get from the balanced diet.
  5. It is a myth when to-be mothers are asked to rest completely during their gestation period. Adequate rest is compulsory for pregnant mothers but working or exercising is equally important. Thus, to be mothers should keep themselves busy for at least thirty minutes per day with some simple exercises.
  6. During the early stages of pregnancy exposure to toxic materials like paints, new carpets etc should be avoided. Toxic chemicals may enter the body of the mother and cause severe damage to the growth of the child, particularly the brain.
  7. Pregnancy, especially for the first time, can be stressful for the women. They should turn to focusing their free time to simple therapies and hobbies in order to reduce their stress.

Thus, these are seven simple steps to have a healthy pregnancy leading to a proper delivery of your newborn baby.

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