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Headache: Facts & Ways to Deal With It

MD - Medicine, MBBS
General Physician, Gurgaon  •  20 years experience
Headache: Facts & Ways to Deal With It

Headaches can be troublesome and hamper the day to day activities. It does not let you concentrate on anything and the simmering pain can be irritating.

Headache is a pain in any part of the head, including the scalp, upper neck, face (including the eye area). A primary headache is caused by problems with or overactivity of pain-sensitive structures in your head. A primary headache isn't a symptom of an underlying disease.

The three most common causes of a primary headache are:

  1. Migraine
  2. Cluster headache
  3. Tension-type headache

Some primary headaches can be triggered by lifestyle factors, including:

  1. Changes in sleep or lack of sleep
  2. Skipped meals
  3. Certain foods, such as processed meats that contain nitrates
  4. Alcohol, particularly red wine
  5. Poor posture
  6. Stress

How to deal with headache:

  1. Find your Triggers: Find and limit your triggers like certain food types as well as stress and certain seasonal changes. Stepping out in the summer with an umbrella and avoiding caffeine or too much of chocolate and cheese can also help in alleviating the pain. Stress is also a major factor that contributes to headaches and should be avoided in order to prevent or stop the pain.
  2. A Soothing Break: Find a quiet place with dim lighting to take a break that should ideally last at least half an hour to one hour, or even more. This will help in diminishing and removing the pain. You can also use a cold compress and get yourself a massage.
  3. Take an Over the Counter Drug: Taking an over the counter drug for instant pain relief can stop the pain and give temporary or long term relief, depending on the kind of headache you are experiencing. It is advisable to speak with a doctor before taking any kind of drug.
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