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Hello Everyone!

I am Dr. Ranjan Upadgyay and I work as a consultant dermatologist. I will discuss about hair transplant. So, first I will tell you the very important causes of hair loss and where we do not need hair transplantation. It can be caused by variety of reasons. They can range from nutritional deficiency, mental and physical stress, post pregnancy, post surgery, it can be because of the deficiency of multi-vitamin, hormonal imbalances. So, you need to see a specialist who can tell you the exact cause of hair loss. Now in males, specific cause of hair loss is androgenetic alopecia. Now, this is the most common cause of hair transplantation. Androgen is the main hormone. Alopecia means hair loss. It varies from 1-7 grade where 7 is the most severe grade and 1 is the mildest grade. You might need hair transplantation if you lie after grade 4.

Male hormone DHT is the biggest cause of this problem. We start losing hair from our front area of the scalp. This particular reason is the science behind this technique. Now I will tell you how is it done, what are the precautions, what are the contra-indications for it, what we need to do after hair transplant, what can be expected after this procedure, what will be the final results, and who all are the patients who will get the fewer results of this procedure. Now hair transplantation started in late early 1950s where we used to transplant punches of hair follicle at the front area of the scalp. But it used to give a very doll kind of appearance. Then we started FUT. Hairs are taken from the back side of the head and implanted at the frontal area. Now the scar at the back of the head causes the pain to the patient. The latest technique has come i.e. FUE. In this, we punch out single hair follicle from back of the scalp and then we transplant at the front area of the head. The whole procedure is done under topical anesthesia.

In short just to repeat the whole process, First, we see the hair loss and ask what kind of transplantation he wants. We trim the front area of the head. We punch out small hair follicle with the help of 8mm and 9mm punches. Local anesthesia is given at the front area. And then we transplant the hair. It looks simple but it is a very lengthy process. It is a very promising procedure. The punches that we have made at the back of the hair, they take 2-3 days to heal completely. We give some anti-biotics for few days. As far as pain is concerned, patient feel comfortable after 2-3 days. You have very small scars which are not visible. We normally ask patient to keep saline. We also tell them how to do shampoo and all. This is a complete technique of hair transplantation. FUE is a latest technique and very comfortable, very result oriented. However, it takes about 5-8 months to see significant improvement. It is very important that after hair transplantation, you avoid excessive sweating, gymming, you have to avoid shampooing too hard. Just follow your doctor's advice. Very important is do not smoke because it reduces the ability of graft to be accepted by scalp. We also do the transplantation for eyebrows, eye lashes, beard area. If patient does not have the hair follicle at the back of the head, then we take out from chest or beard area. So, this is the small overview of hair transplantation. It is value for money. It is continuously growing and reinventing itself. And as the research is going on, hopefully, we will come up with the new techniques. Meanwhile, hair transplantation with FUE is the most advanced, most painless and very result oriented. It is for growing the hair naturally.

Thank You.

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