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Green Tea During Periods - Does Green Tea Delay Periods?

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Green Tea During Periods - Does Green Tea Delay Periods?

Made up of anti-fermented leaves green tea has a higher level of antioxidants present in it. Green tea provide numerous health benefits to people along. Not known by many people green tea is also beneficial during periods. It is known for influencing the hormonal level and affects estrogen level and fertility in women. Green tea also reduces the number of cramps during periods. Hence if a woman is going through menstruation then she can consume 1-2 cups of green tea in a day.

Green Tea Benefits During Periods

Check out some green tea benefits of drinking green tea at the time of periods:

  • Drinking green tea on a regular basis can help in soothing down the menstrual or period cramps
  • Green tea also promotes smooth blood flow during periods
  • Green tea lowers the estrogen level thus hastens the onset of periods
  • Green tea also controls the level of iron in the blood and maintains hemoglobin levels
  • Consuming green tea at the time of menstruation lowers down the caffeine content of the body and also reduces meddling
  • Green tea also helps in elevating moods during menstruation. It contains theanine which provides relaxing effects and uplifts the mood but if consumed moderately
  • Green tea helps in stimulating T-cells present in the body which are important for improving immunity
  • Drinking green tea also keeps you hydrated at the time of menstruation due to the presence of catechins (antioxidants)

Does Green Tea reduce period flow?

Drinking green tea during periods soothes down the flow of blood and also controls the iron level in the blood and maintains hemoglobin levels. As green tea has low levels of caffeine it also reduces the formation of lumps.

But green tea should also be consumed moderately which is 1-2 cups because more than that can cause an increase in caffeine level which is not good during menstruation and it can cause hindrance in the flow of blood and increases cramps.

Does Green Tea reduce period cramps?

If you are on your periods and going through heavy menstrual cramps then you can consume hot drinks but the drinks should not have caffeine because caffeine can increase the level of cramps. Therefore green tea which has the least amount of caffeine should be taken.

Green tea is full of antioxidants and calms down the uterus also lets your body function in a proper way. Green tea also helps in curbing down the caffeine content and lowering down the caffeine content reduces the cramps.

Does Green Tea Induce periods?

Yes, it is true that green tea affects the hormonal level of the body and makes the supplement levels high but its effect on menstruation is still not known.

Does Green Tea Delay Periods?

Green tea intake indeed fluctuates hormone levels in women, though even a high intake hasn't been observed with any impact on the mensuration cycle. Drinking smattering cups of green tea in a day, for sure, will not affect menses or cause it to delay periods. The effect of the green tea on estrogen is yet to be properly researched and explained.

A provisional correlation concludes that there is no cause and effect relationship between the consumption of green tea and delayed mensuration. Although, the concentration of tea needed to influence the hormones is far higher than the normal daily consumption of green tea.

Side Effects of Green Tea During Periods

While consuming green tea during the period not only give benefits but have some side effects of green tea during periods, some are given below:

  • Increases premenstrual syndrome: If green tea is consumed in a high amount then it can increase premenstrual syndrome (PMS) in women during periods. An increase in PMS can cause irritation in the body, headache, mood swings, abdominal pain, etc. Therefore consumption of green tea should be restricted up to 2 cups only.
  • Increases anxiety: During menstruation number of hormonal changes occur in the body and these are responsible for various changes and anxiety is one of them. Caffeine content within green tea restricts the blood vessels and increases the tension. This exaggerates the occurrence of anxiety.
  • Causes breast tendernessDuring periods if green tea is consumed more than 3-4 cups it can cause breast tenderness in which fluid gets filled inside the breast in the form of lumps. Green tea also increases the production of urine and enhances dehydration.
  • Iron deficiency: Deficiency of iron may occur if green tea is consumed in larger quantities during menstruation. As it does not let the body absorb iron completely thus causing anemia and also effects the menstrual cycle.

Hence, green tea has many benefits and if taken in the right amount green tea is beneficial during the menstruation period also. But, if you face any difficulty or problem after consuming green tea during periods or have any doubt, then you can consult your health care expert.

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