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Gestational Diabetes

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Here are cause, symptoms , and treatments of Gestational Diabetes

Hello I’m Dr. Neeti Agarwal I’m senior endocrinologist at Indus Health and she is our dietitian Monica Roman.  

Gestational diabetes is diabetes which develops during pregnancy. Who is likely to develop gestational diabetes? One who has a family history of diabetes in first-degree relatives, somebody who has had gestational diabetes in previous pregnancy, somebody who has a history of having giving birth to a large size baby or somebody who is obese.

Now why it is important? because of the problems associated with gestational diabetes in both mother and the child the mother is likely to develop hypertension also the mother is likely to have bleeding problems during the delivery. There is increased likelihood of developing suzerain sections and later post-delivery the mother is likely to develop diabetes. The child who was born there is likelihood of developing obesity and diabetes later in life, if the mother has gestational diabetes early in pregnancy . There is likelihood of developing structural abnormalities of the heart and the nervous system in the child so it is very important to diagnose and manage gestational diabetes by the diagnosis which is done by simple blood glucose testing which should be done. 

Diet is very important and exercise as advised by the gynecologist is important medication there are very few medications that we can give during pregnancy so therefore our treatment mainly relies on insulin therapy therefore we focus on diet. So to talk about diet during pregnancy, I invite Monica ma’am. Hello friends there are some basic dos and don’ts which we have to keep in our mind. During the gestational diabetes take your meal on time take small and frequent meals eat whole fruit instead of fruit juices include high fiber foods in your diet. Do regular physical activities for 40-45 minutes for day. Choose food with low food with low glycemic index 24 bit low glycemic index. Cut down saturated fats like butter, ghee and cheese from your diet. Monitor your blood sugar levels daily and cut down sugary products and redid drinks.

So if you have gestational diabetes all you need to know or consult regarding gestational diabetes you can reach us on Lybrate.

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