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Fissures - How Efficient Is Ayurveda In Them?

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Fissures - How Efficient Is Ayurveda In Them?

Anal fissure or fissures refers to a painful condition wherein there is an anal tear or crack in the lining of the anal canal. At the time of fissure, a person might experience pain during and after a bowel movement, which might result in blood-stained stool. The anal fissures are generally less than one centimetre across but anal being a highly sensitive part of the body, the pain that one has to bear due to this, is quite severe even if the cut is small.

There is a remedy in Ayurveda, through PF2-CURE, if followed in religious manner, can lead to the cure from this painful problem of fissures. Before going into the remedial part, let’s discuss about the symptoms and causes behind fissures.

Symptoms of Fissures
As already mentioned in the earlier segment, a tear or crack in the lining of anal canal is known as fissure, which puts people under severe pain at the time and after bowel movements. Several other symptoms are mentioned below:

  1. You might experience sharp, burning pain in or around your bottom, which can usually last for two hours after you have gone to the toilet.
  2. There might be spasms in anus, a cramped feeling wherein you need to put pressure during bowel movement, ultimately leading to the tear or crack.
  3. You might notice blood oozing out at the time of bowel movement. This happens due to tear caused by extreme pressure put on the anal.
  4. Sentinel pile, which is a tag of skin, can develop at the edge of one’s anus due to fissure.
  5. Now we look ahead to the causes behind the occurrence of fissures.

Causes behind Fissures
Though there are numerous reasons due to which people have anal fissures but usually it is caused by a hard and very painful bowel movement. This leads to the damage of the surrounding skin. Some of the other reasons are:

  1. If you have constipation, you would tend to out strain while doing bowel movement. This is one of the main reasons why fissures take place.
  2. Taking too much protein in your diet and having less of foods containing fibres like oat, wholegrain breads, barley, vegetables like carrots, broccoli can create this problem.
  3. Severe diarrhea can be another major reason behind fissures
  4. Consuming painkillers for a longer, especially those containing opate.

Treatment through Ayurvedic Remedies
Turn to Ayurveda for a permanent solution for fissure treatment. Ayurvedic medicines are aimed at intensifying the healing process of the fissures. In Ayurveda, medicines are natural herbs. They improve blood circulation to the anal, ease healing, reduce pain, abate constipation, prevent infection from spreading, alleviate the anal spasm, and treat all the symptoms related to an anal fissure in entirety. This stems out the disease from its root and prevents its recurrence. Usually, this problem recurs after allopathic treatment. However, in Ayurveda therapy the chances of recurrence are nil. The ayurvedic approach helps in normalizing the varicose veins inflammation in ano-rectal region. Thus less friction takes place between stools and anal canal, thereby giving instant relief from tremendous pain and burning sensation of anal fissures.

Quick tips to keep your digestive system intact-

  1. Have plenty of fibre intake
  2. Regular exercise
  3. Stay hydrated
  4. Practice healthy bowel habits
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