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Female Pattern Hair Loss

Dr. Rohit Batra 89% (252 ratings)
MD - Dermatology, MBBS
Dermatologist, Delhi  •  20 years experience
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Causes and treatment for Hair Loss

Hello friends. My name is Dr. Rohit Batra, and I am from Derma World Skin and Hair Clinics in Rajouri Garden and New Rajendra Nagar. Today we are going to talk about female pattern hair loss.

Many females of any age suffer from female pattern hair loss or alopecia. Now they are very worried that they are going to lose their hair and they lose hundreds of hair every day. But there is no need to worry, we have the answer. Females never go bald, so if you are suffering from any sort of hair fall, and you’re a female, no need to worry, we can help you. There are various sorts of hair fall causes that affects the female. If you are having some hormonal problem, the menses are not normal, if you are dieting, if you are suffering from any sort of disease, say jaundice, typhoid, or dengue or chikungunya, or if you are having thyroid imbalance, you can suffer from hair fall.

Hair fall in females re of various kinds. Sometimes it is linked to your hormone imbalance, sometimes it is linked to your nutritional status. We need to examine what is the real cause and most of the time we are able to get an history and that only depicts what you are suffering from, whether it is normal female pattern hair loss, whether it is telogen effluvium, whether it is anagen effluvium, and once we get few tests done, you can get an answer to your problem. Female pattern hair loss can be treated effectively. We have many sort of medicines that are oral, that are used topically, and to the myths that are involves that hormones are given, steroids are given, none of them are required in most f the cases, and steroid is never ever used for female pattern hair loss.

So if you are suffering from any sort of hair fall problem and you are a female, don’t feel shy, just visit us at Derma World Skin and Hair Clinics, and we can give you an answer to your problems. There are many sort of topical things like topical minoxidil, we have peptides, we have treatments like platelet rich plasma, we have hair extensions, we can help you getting mesotherapy, we can help you get in a UV light that will control your hair fall. And in approximately 100 days or 3 and a half months, you can get back your lost confidence.

The hair fall decreases, new strands start erupting, and you can get back your voluminous hair, if you are suffering from any sort of hair problem. So, visit us either at our Lybrate profile at Derma World Skin and Hair Clinics, or you can call us by getting in touch at Rajendra Nagar, or Rajouri Garden branch. Thank you.

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