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Excessive Sweating - Know the Signs!

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Excessive Sweating - Know the Signs!

Excessive sweating or hyperhidrosis occurs due to the presence of extremely sensitive sweat glands in certain body portions. It is a condition in which you sweat more than the normal amount and this can be attributed to temperature, anxiety levels and daily routine.

Symptoms: If the excessive sweating is limited within the underarm, the feet, the face and the palm of your hand, then it is diagnosed as primary focal hyperhidrosis, which is relatively harmless in nature and does not presuppose any serious medical condition. However, excessive sweating might cause severe mental and emotional problem for the affected person. In most of the cases of primary hyperhidrosis, the person suffers from a very early age, but is too embarrassed to check it up by a doctor. Primary hyperhidrosis can also be part-hereditary in nature. However, an early diagnosis might eliminate Primary Hyperhidrosis completely.

But, if excessive sweating occurs at a later stage and all around your body that interrupts your daily schedule, then you should check up with your doctor, as that might be a warning sign for far more serious medical conditions like cancer, malaria, diabetes, heart attack, HIV/AIDS, diabetes, thyroid problems, serious nerve and hormonal anomalies, etc. Also, if you experience excessive sweating at night and that too all of a sudden, you must go for a check-up. This form of Hyperhidrosis, known as Secondary Hyperhidrosis is sometimes accompanied by symptoms of nausea, giddiness in the head, the sudden rise of temperature up to 40 degrees Celsius and an intense pain in the chest.

Treatments: Primary Hyperhidrosis is diagnosed with antiperspirants which have high aluminum salt content like Drysol, Xerac AC; these are to be applied to the affected regions at night with a suitable prescription from the doctor. A prescribed dosage of anti-depressants and Botulinum toxin injections can be used to treat excessive sweating. Surgical procedures like removal of sweat glands can be applied, if excessive sweating occurs only in the underarm regions. You can also opt for nerve surgery if Hyperhidrosis is limited to your hand.

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