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Effective Ways To Treat Skin Tags That You Must Know!

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Effective Ways To Treat Skin Tags That You Must Know!

If you notice a flap of tissue hanging off the skin connected by a stalk, then it is most likely a skin tag. Usually, skin tags are found around the arms, thighs, and the neck and even in surrounding areas of the eyelids. Skin tags can occur in anyone due to genetics, obesity, pregnancy or diabetes. These fleshy bumps that can cause irritation or inflammation in areas of friction and in some cases, there may even be bleeding. If you are frustrated over this, read on to understand the treatment options available.

Removal of small skin tags
Smaller skin tags can be removed through application of cold liquid nitrogen on the spots for few seconds which allows it to fall off in a few days. This procedure is called cryosurgery. It is a safe method of removing skin tags though it may cause a stinging feeling in the affected area and slight inflammation and the recovery period is minimal. The process helps destroy some skin cells and make way for new skin cells to go, replacing your skin tags.

Removal of large skin tags
Larger skin tags tend to have a thicker stalk at their ends and dermatologists inject Lidocaine to numb the affected area and proceed to snip off the skin tags with sterile scissors which are called Excision. It is a very quick process and may require cauterization to cut off the blood supply to the skin tag. Burning the base of the skin tags also causes scabs to form which ensure skin tags do not regrow in the affected area.

Over the counter solutions
There are also over the counter medicines available at pharmacies that freeze the skin tags so that it falls off eventually in a weeks’ time. There are also ways to remove it at home using simple tools like a dental floss, but there is a risk of injury and infection involved.

Why should you get rid of skin tags?
While skin tags are not directly associated with any medical disorders, some individuals may develop a condition known as acanthosis nigricans on the neck and armpit areas due to high amounts of fat and sugar in their bodies. Skin tags are usually harmless but certain structures resemble skin tags, but in reality, they are not. Accessory tragus can often be confused about skin tags and require treatment. A dermatologist can help you determine through pathological examination of tissues from the affected areas if any steps need to be taken.

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