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Last Updated: Dec 13, 2023

Eczema - 5 Best Homeopathic Remedies to Treat It

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Dr. Tarannum ShaikhHomeopathy Doctor • 22 Years Exp.B.H.M.S., Post Graduate Certificate In Nutrition, Obesity & Health
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Eczema is an autoimmune disorder wherein the skin overreacts to certain triggers in or outside the body resulting in inflammation and lesions. Eczema is also known as atopic dermatitis. The skin becomes dry, patchy, and rough, and it tends to form itchy and red blisters. Eczema is usually caused due to inflammation; in most cases, allergy triggers eczema.

It has been observed that quite often, patients who suffer from eczema have a family history of allergy. In some cases, patients having other allergies may also develop eczema. Apart from this, low immunity triggers this disease. In Homeopathy Treatment, various homeopathic medicine for eczema and itchy skin are available.

Homeopathic Treatment of Eczema Skin Problem

Treating eczema might be possible by taking several medications. But treating doesn't mean curing. People who suffer from eczema know how irritating the disorder is. So they want a cure for eczema, which is possible with homeopathic medicines. Homeopathy is known for curing eczema, from the root.

Five Homeopathic Medicines to Treat Eczema

Basically, homeopathy helps to improve the immune system, as low immunity is responsible for causing allergies. When immunity is built, and low immunity quits from overreacting to several reactions, eczema is cured. Check out the list of homeopathic remedies for eczema on the body.

  1. Graphites: Graphites is one of the finest homeopathic medicines for treating wet eczema, when there is thick, oozing watery and sticky discharge. In most cases, the patient with this type of eczema suffers from constipation and obesity. He or she might be sensitive towards cold. Their usual skin becomes hard and cold, but the affected area remains dry and rough. The homeopathic remedy is prescribed mostly to women with menstrual disorders.
  2. Mezereum: This homeopathy medicine suitable for patients with eczema, which tends to form a leathery crust on the head. The patient might feel intense itching, especially at night.
  3. Hepar sulphur: Effective homeopathic medicine to treat eczema with the formation of pus. The patient is usually too sensitive to cold. Intense itching, sneezing and sensitivity towards cold are the symptoms, which indicate the need for this medicine.
  4. Dulcamara: This is one of the finest homeopathic medicines for eczema, which aggravates in damp or cold weather. Thick formation of yellowish crust and intense itching are the symptoms, which clearly indicate the need for this remedy.
  5. Sulphur: Symptoms usually worsen in summer and the skin feels rough and dry. If you wish to discuss any specific problem,  Sulpphue is a common homeopathic way to treat eczema with burning sensation along with intense itching.

Symptoms of Eczema Skin Problem

Before using mentioned above homeopathic treatment for eczema or skin rash problem, first, you need to understand the symptoms so that right homeopathic medicine used to treat it.

  • Red patches over the skin
  • Dry rough skin with blisters
  • Intense itching on skin, with occasional bleeding
  • Formation of a thick leather-like layer over the affected areas of the skin
  • Discharge of an oozing watery and sticky liquid from the affected area, in case of wet eczema (In case of dry eczema, there is no watery discharge; the skin stays rough and dry.)

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