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Eating Disorders - How Can Homeopathy Get Rid Of Them?

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Eating Disorders -  How Can Homeopathy Get Rid Of Them?

Food gives us the energy to carry out activities of daily living. Eating well is not only important for our survival but our mental and emotional wellbeing. Food is so much connected to our culture and reflects our lifestyles to a great extent. All cultures follow a particular method of cooking and eating. We respond to our hunger through food. Our bodies learn the specific times to eat. The satiety centre in our brain tells us how much to eat and when to stop. However, for some, eating becomes an abnormality when they respond to their emotional issues through over eating or inadequate eating. For them, eating is not just a normal response to hunger. It could be a psychological response to anxiety, stress or other behavioural and emotional difficulties.

The most common Eating Disorders are Anorexia- causing inadequate eating and weight loss, Bulimia- causing eating in excess amounts and Binge eating -characterised by eating in large amounts and at frequent intervals. Research suggests that eating disorders can develop early in life and are mainly triggered by environment. However, eating disorders are also common among people with anxiety, trauma (physical, emotional or sexual) and depression. People with eating disorders are seen to have a low self-esteem and generally avoid eating with family and friends due to their abnormal eating habits.

Eating disorders disturb the body’s equilibrium and impacts negatively on a person’s mental health. People with eating disorders are unable to socialize, impacting on their self-image and ability to deal with emotions. They often fall prey to their anxiety and depression through abnormal eating. Eating disorder is not seen as a disease in itself since it has strong emotional and behavioural issues. Thus, treatment of the disorder is not limited to drugs alone. Effective treatment of eating disorders is generally a combination of interventions ranging from counselling, psychotherapy and drugs.

Homeopathy offers a holistic approach to the treatment of eating disorders. It attempts to eliminate the signs and symptoms associated with the disorder through a step by step approach. The treatment is purely herbal and free of side effects. Homeopathy offers a range of medications designed to treat different types of disorders. However, it is important to follow the prescribed medication at regular intervals for maximum benefits. Homeopathy in addition to counselling and therapy offers a comprehensive and safe approach to deal with eating disorders.

It is extremely important to support the person suffering from this disorder and be sensitive towards his/her emotional needs. Sadly, there is a lack of proper knowledge about the disorder and its treatment which sometimes leads to its mismanagement. It’s best to consult an expert and get a medical advice.

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