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Dos and Don'ts For Diabetics!

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Dos and Don'ts For Diabetics!

If you are suffering from diabetes, then you would slowly become conscious of the dos and don’ts of this disease. While the don’ts of this disease involve certain criteria which you might find illogical and morose, in the long run they would help you to keep the diabetes in control; lest it further aggravates adverse health conditions. Thus, here are the most important dos and don’ts of this disease.


  1. You must eat at regular intervals. But this does not mean that you can eat as much as you want. When you suffer from diabetes you have to follow a controlled diet.
  2. Exercise is an important way to maintain your health and fitness. This does not mean making frequent visits to the gymnasium, but rather doing some light exercises like jogging or even taking a daily walk around the park.
  3. Losing weight is an essential parameter of maintaining your health while you suffer from diabetes. The weight gained during this period would affect other parts of the body in an adverse way.
  4. Control your sugar intake. Diabetes is caused due to excessive sugar levels in the body. Further, many of us have a sweet tooth which can prove to be fatal during diabetes. Sugar levels need to be minutely monitored and kept in check.


  1. You must not binge eat. Eating at regular intervals of time is generally preferred but binge eating would result into accumulating of fats which, in turn, would make you gain weight. This needs to be avoided during diabetes.
  2. Do not skip regular check ups. At times, you might get tired of your regular check-ups and blood tests. But these are carried out to control your level of diabetes. If diabetes is not controlled it would affect other body parts and especially the eyes.
  3. This might be sad news if you are a coffee lover. But diabetic patients are generally asked to give up coffee. The caffeine in it does not suit the dietary requirements of those who suffer from diabetes.

These are some of the essential rules that you would have to follow once you fall prey to diabetes. While at first they might seem like torture, as time flies, you would get more used to it and would accept it as a natural part of your daily life. These basic guidelines are further elaborated on any medical website. Moreover, they would be listed down by your medical practitioner once you go for regular check-ups during the tenure of your disease.

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