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Don't Hold These Urges

Dr. L.K. Tripathi 90% (451 ratings)
Ayurveda, Noida  •  21 years experience
Don't Hold These Urges

In Ayurveda description of two types of Vegas (impulses or urges) is found in detail – Dharaniya (controllable) and Adharaniya (non-controllable). Controllable urges include things refraining of which is beneficial for the health. Anger, sexual urges, temptation etc. fall in this category. By non-controllable urges is meant such urges controlling or retaining of which produces several diseases in the body. Wind, defecation, sneezing, thirst, hunger, sleep, coughing, yawning, tears, vomiting and semen are included in this category of urges.

  • Control of non-controllable urges leads to wind disorder in the body, which in turn produces several types of diseases. If it is known which type of urges produces which type of diseases when forcibly controlled, you can protect yourself from lots of diseases.
  • Vayu (Wind): Control of wind (passing out fart and belches) can lead to maladies like cyst, flatulence, pain in anus, worms and constipation. Sometimes, even passing out urine is stopped or becomes painful. Eye sight becomes weak and heart diseases may also appear.
  • Stool: Control of defecation pressure leads to ailments like joint pain, pain in stomach and obstacles in veins.
  • Urination: Those who control the urge to urinate feel difficulty in passing out urine. Problems like pain below the navel region and stones in urethra may also arise if urine urge is controlled repeatedly.
  • Sneeze: Control of sneeze leads to problems like headache, weakness in eyes, stiff neck and loss of sleep (apnoea)
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