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Allergen - Tree Pollen - White Pine (Pinus strobus) Test

Allergen - Tree Pollen - White Pine (Pinus strobus) Test

also known as: Allergy White Pine Enzyme Assay

White pine tree allergies are uncommon forms of allergies take place usually in human beings. According to broad classification, these allergies are of two different types named pine pollen and pine nuts. Here, pine nuts are edible seeds of specific pine trees species and useful in wide variety of food items, while pine pollen comes from the reproduction of trees during the months of spring. Pollen may travel a long distance in air, which cause allergies in individuals.

Whether you have to undergo for skin prick test or blood test, you have to- Bring details about your history related to allergies with pine pollen or pine nuts. Wear a comfortable and a half-sleeve shirt or t-shirt to appear for the skin prick and/or blood test. You do not have to disturb the regular diet before any of the allergy tests. However, in order to get the best results, you should avoid eating any fatty, oily or junk food at least before one hour of your skin prick or blood test. In case of skin prick test, you should never scratch the test area at least for 15 minutes.

Acts as a base to identify the allergies from pine nuts, pollen, beech, birch, aspen, and cedar, mulberry and similar others Identifies nasal allergies caused from fruits and vegetables Identifies the situation to require for immunotherapy

Skin Prick Test Allergists collect details about history associated with pine pollen or pine nuts reactions and may administer the actual skin prick test. Next, doctors start the process by taking a particular arm of a patient and marks few numbers in between positive and negative points. After this, allergists put a small amount of allergen in the marked places and pricked the skin slightly to allow entry of a small amount of allergen in the skin. After some time i.e. about 15 minutes, allergens examine the area to mark redness or any other chance, which indicates sensitivity towards the allergy. Blood Test Allergens collect a blood sample from either of the patients’ arms. For this- Rub the skin by using an alcohol pad to clean it. Next, pathologists inject a needle through the respective rinsed skin into the vein of a patient, particularly in the one, which is visible through naked eyes. Here, a nozzle is used for dragging out the blood from needle and saved by the patient’s name. Allergens forward the collected sample to labs for detailed diagnosis of pine allergy.

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Type Gender Age-Group Value
Allergen - Tree Pollen - White Pine (Pinus strobus)
All age groups
Average price range of the test is approximately Rs.900 depending on the factors of city, quality and availablity

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