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Depression - How Unani Therapy Can Help Treat It?

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Doctor In Unani Medicine(D.U.M.B.I.M)
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Depression - How Unani Therapy Can Help Treat It?

Depression is a common, debilitating, life-threatening and serious mood disorder with an increased morbidity and mortality that affects more than 300 million individuals worldwide. It interferes with an individual’s thoughts, behavior and feelings, affects a person’s ability to work and form relationships and is responsible for destroying the overall quality of life. It is the fourth leading cause of disability, which contributes a major role in increasing the overall global burden of disease. In case, left untreated it can also lead to suicidal tendencies in a person and presently, is responsible for 850,000 deaths every year. 

It is characterized by the change in mood, lack of interest in surroundings and enjoyment, feeling of sadness, gloominess or melancholy. Many depressed individual experience anxiety symptoms, disturbed sleep, poor concentration, feelings of guilt or low self-worth and increased or decreased appetite, and may have even medically unexplained symptoms. Mental depression is classified into unipolar and bipolar depression. Unipolar depression is more common and accounts nearly 75% of cases, in which mood swings are always in the same direction. It is accompanied by symptoms of anxiety and agitation, shows a non- familial pattern and closely related to stressful life events. Bipolar depression is less common (about 25% of cases) which shows a familial pattern, appears in early adulthood and usually have no relation with external stress.

Over a period of time more and more people are getting affected with it, therefore to deal with such an illness what is required is boosting the body’s self-preservation power which Unani medicine strongly focuses on.

Know when to seek medical help
The first step to treat any condition is to acknowledge that problem exists when the signs are noticed. The most prominent symptoms of depression are developing a strong sense of loss, loss of energy, inexplicable sadness, fatigue and lack of interest about the things happening around. In the majority of depression cases, lack of sleep or a disturbed sleep is also another striking symptom. Even, unexplained physical problems like headaches or back pain, weight loss, reduced appetite, restlessness, feeling agitated all the time are also very common symptoms of depression.

Identifying the factors causing the issue
Determining any specific factors that trigger depression in one is impossible. But it is definitely stress and anxiety that gives rise to this emotional illness. A certain amount of stress is natural in everyone’s life. But when the pressure of matching with one’s ambition, aptitude and inertia increase excessively and the person fails to cope with his own and others’ expectations, then the emotional crisis gives birth to depression.

How Unani helps in combating depression?
According to Unani medicine, illness is natural processes, and their symptoms are nothing but the reaction of the body to them. In Unani medicine, it is believed that the body has its own self-preservation power that helps in maintaining a balance between its humor, such as blood, yellow bile, phlegm, etc., it facilitates the body to strengthen and regain its natural balance.

And when it comes to treating depression with Unani, it works in three steps. The first is distracting the mind through various distractive methods and adaptive changes, then excreting the problems caused by mental illness and lastly strengthening the mind as well as the heart through proper drug therapy, if necessary, diet therapy and regimental therapy also. The principles of treatment based upon which depression is treated by the Unani physicians are very much testified by the modern medicine for its usefulness as well as efficacy.

When the intense sadness due to depression continues to last for days to weeks and sometimes months, it can take a toll on your day to day life, interrupting you from living normally and happily. Remember, depression is caused due to certain changes in the brain chemistry which requires immediate medical attention. And since, Unani aims towards aiding the natural processes of the body without causing any side-effects, treating depression with Unani can be advantageous, no doubt. In case you have a concern or query you can always consult an expert & get answers to your questions!

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