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Dengue Fever

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A very good evening to all of you. I’m Dr Hardik Thakker. An MD physician from Mumbai. Today I will be talking to you about dengue fever. This year we have had a lot of patients suffering from dengue fever, so, this is a viral infection and it is an effect. It is caused by the dengue virus. There are four types of viruses this is a den1, den2, den3, den4. So depending on the zero watts the toxicity of the dengue virus varies and is transmitted to the bite of ADEs aegypti mosquito. So we commonly see patients coming with dengue fever who have gotten a fever with chills a lot of body ache and then this is a backache so it is called as a broken bone.

Break spine fever because of this reason and there are people commonly come with low platelet counts and low WBC comes and these infections and the reason is the virus goes and affects the bone marrow and fix the spleen and these are the reasons why there is a decrease in the counts. And one of the complication dengue fever is hock wherein the BP of the person drops really low levels and they can also lead to a RDS and breathlessness so it is very important to diagnose dengue on time and get treated on time. Certain population need hospitalization especially those with low WBC counts low platelet counts people who are breathless, who have a very bad rash or who are going into shock and low BP and this disease can take a toll hence you have to act very promptly. Also once you have an infection from one COR you can still be exposed to infection to other COR’s. In short, having dengue ones does not protect you from future episodes of dengue we currently have some vaccines in the research trial right now for prevention of dengue. Hope they come to the market soon and we can use it for the general public as well. And in the meantime, one has to take care of protecting yourself from the mosquitos not to allow them to breed keep away all water collections. Keep the areas dry and use mosquito repellents for more information on dengue fever you can reach me for my online portal which is Thank you very much.

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