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Fever Screening Profile Test

Fever Screening Profile Test

A Fever Screening Profile test is conducted as a set of various tests to find the cause of a persistent fever. Many symptoms of a headache, excessive sweating, dizziness, chills, and sore eyes, along with fever are the signs that require a fever screening profile test. The test evaluates a number of causes and detects the reason(s) for the fever. It helps the doctor to suggest the most appropriate treatment and medication. It tests for several other serious diseases such as dengue, malaria, urinary tract infection, and more. It needs various samples to examine the causes.

Most doctors suggest overnight fasting for the test. The Fever Screening Profile test requires blood samples, urine samples, and serum samples. Therefore, as a preparatory step, you need to wear suitable clothes which will not interfere with the process. You can also consult your doctor regarding the medicines that you take daily.

The Fever Screening Profile test serves a number of purposes. It is used for detecting the root cause(s) for a persistent fever. The test checks on a variety of symptoms and examines the blood of urine samples for finding the risk of any diseases. It is an all-inclusive test for generating results related to any kind of disease caused due to fever. It tells the following: Platelet and anaemia count in your blood Risk of serious diseases such as dengue, hepatitis, and more Abnormalities in blood composition Bacteria or virus causing the fever.

The test is carried out in the following components:
CBC – Complete Blood Count
Urine Routine Analysis
MP Profile – Malarial Parasite
Typhi Dot
Aerobic Blood Culture
It requires a 4 ml blood sample and 3 ml of blood serum drawn out via the insertion of a needle in the veins. 10 ml of urine spot is collected in a cup.

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