Cough & Cold - Can Homeopathy Cure It?

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 Cough & Cold  - Can Homeopathy Cure It?

Common cold and cough are one of the most common viral illnesses that have no specific treatment. Allopathic medicines provide palliative cure to just treat the symptoms, there is no definite antiviral for it. There is also popular belief having a cold once or twice a year is a good way to cleanse the body. On the contrary, cough and cold could be the first symptoms of a serious underlying disease like pneumonia. From that angle, it is better to treat it than to just let it run its natural course. Especially in children and elderly, it can be a chronic issue with repeated bouts and therefore treatment becomes mandatory.

The good news is that homeopathy doctors of Chennai provide a cure for this, not just treat external symptoms. Also, like any other condition, homeopathy looks at treating the whole myriad of associated symptoms, thereby providing holistic treatment.  

Below are 5 common homeopathic remedies for chronic cough and cold:

Aconitum or Aconite:  Used in the early stages of a cold that was sudden in onset and severe.  There could be associated with nasal discharge, fever and chills, chest congestion, itchy throat, and traumatic experience.  The person may also feel thirsty, anxious, and agitated.

Allium Cepa:  Severe burning and watery eyes, nasal irritation, copious amounts of discharge, hoarseness, and headache. The runny nose improves in the open air but worsens when being indoors.

Arsenicum album: The patient usually has complaints on the right side including watery nasal discharge, weakness, restlessness, chills, thirst. The discharge can irritate the upper lip and nasal mucosa.  The cold gradually moves to the throat and the irritation also shifts down (this phase requires a different treatment). 

Belladonna: When the cold has a sudden onset with a red face, high fever, cold feet, this can be used in the early stages of the cold.  There is associated with high fever, tickly throat, glassy eyes, dry cough, restlessness, and delirium 

EUPHRASIA: Burning eyes and profuse nasal discharge lead to reddened eyes and cheeks. More common in children, the condition worsens in the open air, at night, and while lying down. The cough then moves down into the larynx and produces a harsh, hoarse voice. 

PULSATILLA: Yellow or greenish mucus, nasal congestion, mouth breathing are some symptoms where this is used. It is very commonly used in newborn babies if the discharge colour is green or yellow. Associated symptoms include moodiness, easy crying, craving for attention, easily hurt and sensitive. 

Homeopathy does 'cure' the cough and cold in patients, in the true sense of the word.  That provides palliative care and holistic treatment of the condition too.

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