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Concussion - Can Homeopathy Resolve It?

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Concussion - Can Homeopathy Resolve It?

Head injuries occur due to a variety of injuries - road accidents, falls, sports, assaults, etc.  While some injuries might be obvious, others may not have an external injury. However, given the structure and vascularity of the brain, there could be definite damage to the blood flow and brain function. There would be an alteration in the person's behavior which may seem weird to others.  A detailed history and examination will help unearth these symptoms and the underlying causes and thereby manage them.

Any of the above injuries can result in jarring of the brain, and especially in cases of children, it is advisable to immediately consult a doctor.  If it was a very minor injury, then any of the following symptoms should warrant a visit to the doctor.

-  Worsening headache 
-  Nausea 
-  Vomiting
-  Dizziness 
-  Difficulty waking up from sleep 
-  Irritability and confusion 
-  Unequal pupil size or dilated pupils
-  Confused about name or place of belonging
-  Unclear speech
-  Numbness in the legs or arms 

As with all other conditions, homeopathy believes in getting to the root of the issue and not just treating the symptoms. There have been cases reported where the patient had severe symptoms, was given homeopathic remedies with complete cure of symptoms.  There are specific remedies in the acute phase and the chronic phase.

Acute phase: The commonly given remedies in the acute phase include Aconite, Arnica, and opium. They are aimed at stimulating recovery and should be given immediately after the injury has happened.
-     Aconite:  Used when the patient is restless and panicky with the fear of death.
-     Opium: These may have injuries elsewhere but not on the head, may feel dazed or be in coma, could also have a bloated face.
-     Arnica: If the patient is severely bruised, however, is denying help and claims to feel well, then Arnica should be given

Chronic phase: These remedies help in managing the long-term implications of a concussion that sets in sometimes even after months.

Natrum sulphuricum: The person here is usually depressed and irritable, suicidal in some cases, have a feeling of ringing in the ears, experience vertigo.  The symptoms are worsened in wet or damp conditions.

Natrum muriaticum: The person becomes sad or withdrawn, have a chronic headache that is worsened when out in the sun, and develop a dislike for salt.  Being at the seaside can make these symptoms to improve or worsen dramatically. 

Hypericum: The person will have convulsions immediately after the injury and can complain of "pins and needles" sensation later on.

Helleborus:  The person seems to shut down since the injury has happened with indifference to pain or pleasure.

Hyoscymus:  The person becomes talkative, excited, laughs inappropriately, and in rare cases, muscle spasms or even epilepsy.

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