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Causes and Treatments of Hernia

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Causes and Treatments of Hernia

Hi! I am Dr. Ashit Sharma. I’m a consultant journal and laparoscopic surgeon. Today I’m going to tell you about the most common surgical problems like Hernia. We are talking about Hernia today. Hernia is a very common presentation in surgical practice.

Now, what is Hernia? Hernia is protrusion of sack from abdominal wall through the weakest point in the abdominal wall. We can say there is umbilicus. You must have seen ladies, fatty ladies with a bulging coming from umbilical area that is called Umbilical Hernia in the same way is inguinal canal. Inguinal canal is a tube which is connecting link between the testis and the abdominal cavity. Sometimes, sack protrudes through this inguinal canal, this is called inguinal Hernia. So many causes are there, like whenever intra-abdominal pressure is raised, it may cause the protrusion of sack through the weakest point in the abdominal wall.

Suppose patient is suffering from chronic asthma, chronic cough or allergic bronchitis, so every time he is coughing, intra-abdominal pressure raises and it may lead to Herniation. In the same way in old age group, if you see, for example, a person who is suffering from prostate enlargement and he strains for urination so there is increase in intra-abdominal pressure and it may lead to protrusion of sack into the inguinal canal and that is called inguinal Hernia. Suppose, a person is obese, again, a lot of intra-abdominal fat increases and this increases the intra-abdominal pressure, a person is doing excessive exercise including weight lifting, again, he’s putting the extra pressure inside the abdominal cavity and this is a cause of Herniation.

How we can diagnose and how to prevent and how to treat this condition? So, first of all, the causative factor should be removed. If he’s suffering from chronic cough, that has to be taken care of. He’s suffering from prostate enlargement, that should be operated and passage should be clear and if obesity is there, try to reduce your weight. Don’t do heavy extreme exercises. Don’t lift much of weight and don’t take high protein diet. Because, in an elderly age group, lot of weakness is there in the muscles. Again, this is a cause of the same problem.

At Life Aid Medical Centre, we treat these Hernia problems through laparoscopy. Laparoscopic Hernia repairs surgeries we are doing, i.e. without any incision and without any prolong stay of the patient. So, this is the basic thing which we can prevent by avoiding unnecessarily increase in intra-abdominal pressure and one thing is very important Incisional Hernia. It is the weakest point where scar is there, after post-surgical scar and it can protrude through this scar weakening and that is called Incisional Hernia. Again, this is Herniation and that can be very well repaired by laparoscopic surgery.

So, you can catch me at my hospital ie Life Aid Medical Centre, with Lybrate by prior appointment.


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