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Last Updated: Jan 10, 2023

Carbon Facial - Know Its Benefits!

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Dr. Gaurav NakraDermatologist • 20 Years Exp.MD - Dermatology, MBBS
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Carbon Facial is a non- invasive procedure which involves the application of the liquid carbon on the face which later on penetrates into the skin through the pores on your skin. Here the carbon is said to absorb the contaminants and later on, the laser light that is passed through the skin destroys the carbon in its entirety. These days we encounter with various facial issues like blackheads, pores on the skin among other skin problems. This is quite irritating as it destroys the beauty of your face. In order to get rid of stuff like that, carbon Facial is one of the finest methods available. Through this method, you can easily remove dead skin, blackheads and oil from y, ur skin.

Here are a few benefits of carbon facial which rejuvenates the beauty of your skin

It is often said that among all other methods, carbon facial is considered to be highly beneficial for people with blackheads, acne problem, oily skin and pores on the skin.

  • Carbon has the capacity of exterminating the dirt particles along with other contaminants from the skin, giving a shiny appearance to your skin. When the laser passes through your skin, it has the ability to destroy the carbon particles on the skin.
  • Carbon peels additionally focus on the profound layers of the skin to fortify collagen generation, which thusly delivers firmer, plumper skin, diminishes scarcely discernible differences and wrinkles, and leaves skin feeling more tightly and sparkling.
  • During the process of the carbon peeling, the heat that is produced by the laser generates a lot of advantage like it prevents the bacteria from creating acne on the face. It also prevents pimples and other outbreaks on the skin, trying to make your skin look more shiny and fresh. There is no harm in using the carbon laser facial method. It is completely safe to use this method to prevent the outbreak of extra oil on the face which is bad for the skin.
  • As this method exfoliates the skin, it results in a radiant and softer skin which is again good for the skin and the appearance of the skin. This method also plays an imperative role in reducing the pore size and also focuses on brightening the skin tone.
  • It also plays an important role in tightening the dilated pores which is again good for the appearance of the skin.

As compared to all the skin care treatments, this treatment is considered to be the best and it is to be taken care through the daily skin- care routine along with daily use of sunscreen which would help the skin to look lively and clear of all the acne and pores. There is nothing harmful involved in this method but this method is exclusively for those who are wealthy and have money to make an investment.

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