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Can Homoeopathy Help With Kidney Problems?

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Can Homoeopathy Help With Kidney Problems?

Kidney problems include urinary tract infections, Renal Calculi, kidney failure, glomerulonephritis, nephritis and many other problems as well. However, to most of them, homeopathy carries a common and very effective solution. The homeopathic remedies are as follows:

  1. Arsenicum: This cure is used later in the illness where the skin appears droopy, the complexion pale, waxen appearance, looseness of the bowels and extreme thirst. The urine is usually dark, one tends to throw up quite often. The patient gets dyspnoea attacks when sleeping at night and after twelve pm, accompanied by an abundance of saliva in the mouth. This makes the person want to spit quite frequently. It might stop after taking Aconite.
  2. Apis mellifica: Apis is taken when there is an oedematous swelling of the face due to kidney problems. It is also recommended when a patient has symptoms like pain in the head, back and lower back. It might be useful in any type of kidney or urine infection when there are dull pains in the kidneys, abundant urine and lack of appetite.
  3. Mercurius corrosivus: This cure relates to the problem of a white kidney. There are insufficient and red urine and a pale waxen shade of the body. The patient goes through lumbar pains, increased dyspnoea and temporary blockage of the urinary tract or bladder. This happens to only a few kidney patients and it comes in the later stages for which, they have to take mercurius.
  4. Terebinth: One of the most solid and most often used cures in the early phases of kidney infections when the blockage is very common when there is a lot of pain in the back, which is very dull in nature and reaches out along the ureters. The patient faces very dark and smoky urine that might burn. The urine might also be bleeding. It is recommended in the post-scarlatinal kidney infections.
  5. Digitalis: This cure has an aggravation activity on the kidneys. It is a cure for the swelling of kidney cells. Pain in the chest or heart, weak heartbeat, insufficient, dull, thick urine, a faint stomach and rheumatic pains will show up as symptoms.
  6. Plumbum: Swelling of kidney cells, with an inclination to uraemic contortions of the kidney are some of the reasons why this medicine should be taken. Droopy, colourless face, weakening, pain in the lower legs are also among some of the reasons. If this does not work as expected. Another homoeopathic cure known as arsenic can be very helpful.
  7. Phosphorus: Phosphorus creates cures nephritis as no other medication can. It is a standout amongst the most important and helpful cures in kidney disease. The trademark indications are: unconsciousness of the entire body, hands and the feet feeling frosty and lethargic. The weakness and fatigue are most prominent in the morning, and there is warmth in the body without thirst, particularly at night.

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