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Breast Implants - Common Myths & Facts About It!

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Breast Implants - Common Myths & Facts About It!

The Breast implants, be it the saline or the silicone implants comes as a blessing for people who have struggled for ages with a small breast. From lifting your self-confidence to enhancing the overall appearance, the benefits of breast implants are immense. However, there are some myths associated with the breast implants that should be busted for people to understand the procedure better.

Myth: The breast implants produces same results in all individuals.
Fact: This myth is as dead as a dodo. A lot of factors are taken into consideration (such as the breast size, the type of the implants used, the skin condition, to name a few) before a surgical breast implantation. The breast implants can never produce identical results in two individuals. You are unique and so will be the implantation.

Myth: Breast implants performed by an experienced surgeon will never cause any side-effects or complications.
Fact: There is no denying the fact that an experienced surgeon with a higher success rate will ensure better results. However, one cannot guarantee that there will be no complications at all. Minor side-effects such as swelling, bruising, inflammation, skin irritation or pain are inevitable. Depending on the physical health of the person, complications such as bleeding or infection may also be witnessed in some patients. Going under the skin and expecting no side-effects at all is only fooling yourself.

Myth: Silicone implants are highly dangerous and can trigger extreme health complications and discomfort.
Fact: There was a time when the silicone implants were indeed a little less safe when compared to the saline implants. However, with the advancement of science and technology, this fact no longer holds true. The silicone implants presently used are safe and durable (seldom there is a rupture or a severe tissue scar). There has also been extensive research that proves that the superior quality silicone implants used do not trigger diseases or health complications including cancer (though exceptions will be there).

Myth: Breast Implants does not interfere with the breastfeeding.
Fact: Some lactating women having undergone breast implantation may experience discomfort and difficulty while breastfeeding the baby (especially when the breast implantation surgery is performed through the areola). In fact, lactating and nursing mothers are often advised to wait for a few years (or till the baby is into breastfeeding) before opting for the surgery.

Myth: The breast implants, be it silicone or saline, should be replaced in every ten years time.
Fact: Many people still give in to this myth. The condition of the implants alone can decide when it needs to be replaced. Thus, while some women may need a replacement in about eight years, others may continue with the same implant sans any complications for way more than ten years.

Myth: The breast implantation produces visible results immediately.
Fact: A breast augmentation cannot work miracles. On an average, it takes at least eight-twelve weeks (may vary among individuals) for the results visible.

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