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Best Homeopathy Medicines for Wrist Pain

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Best Homeopathy Medicines for Wrist Pain

The word pain is quite common in daily life. If we look around we can witness, everyone is suffering from a certain kind of pain. Well, if we are likely to talk about hand and wrist pain, then it is fair enough to say that hand and wrist pain is very common among people. This is because our hands and wrists are the two things that get engaged in most of the works we do. But there are reasons behind those daunting pains. Know more about joints pain.

Homeopathic Treatment for Wrist Pain

It can be due to an accident, or it can be due to any illness. The homeopathic medicines are safe and healthy in treating any kind of wrist pain. But it is crucial to know the reason, which is causing the pain. Let us talk about some of the homeopathic medicines, which are generally being prescribed for treating wrist pain depends on the severity and condition. 

Reasons for Wrist Pain

  1. Carpal tunnel syndrome is one of the common types of wrist pain. It occurs due to the delineation of the median nerve, which runs through the wrist joint. 
  2. It can be a severe or mild injury on the wrist, which can cause wrist pain, or it can be any kind of sprain.
  3. Other than this, any fracture can cause severe pain too. 

Apart from these, there are infections like tuberculosis that can also cause wrist pain. Next is arthritis, which is considered to be very common among the masses. It includes gout, osteoarthritis, and rheumatoid arthritis problem.

These commonly cause wrist pain. Whatever is the reason for any kind of wrist pain, it needs to get diagnosed. Clinically it is diagnosed by following some tests like X-ray, CT scan, bone scan, MRI, several blood tests, etc. General diagnosis includes various examinations regarding the pain and its history, etc.

Some of the best homeopathy medicines for wrist pain considering homeopathy medicines for wrist pain can be a good decision. As homeopathy is a holistic medication procedure. There are several medicines, which have been prescribed for treatment of wrist pain depending on its type and history.

The homeopathic remedy is given on the basis of the diagnosis of wrist pain. Regaining of complete health and removing the symptoms are possible through homeopathy treatment. Depending upon the cause, sensation, location, modalities, and propagation of the pain, there are some therapeutic homeopathic medicines available too.

Homeopathy Medicine for Wrist Pain and Swelling

Here are some specific homeopathic medicines, names given below, which can be considered to be best for wrist pain:

  1. Arnica,
  2. Benzoic acid,
  3. Rhus Tox
  4. Hypericum
  5.  Agaricus 
  6. Calcuria Flour
  7. Cilicia & Symphytum
  8. Ruta & Sulphur
  9. Actea Spicata & Silicia
  10. Medorihhinum & Eupatorium Perf
  11. Bryonia and Calcaria carb

 These are homeopathic medicine prescribed for wrist pain. But it is generally advised to take the advice from a professional homeopathic doctor in terms of choosing the right medicine and dosage.

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