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Interfascial Pain Management

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Pain Management Specialist, Delhi  •  23 years experience
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Hello! I am Dr. (Maj) Pankaj N Surange. I am intervention and pain specialist. And I am director of IPSC India - Pain and Spine Center. We have branches all over India. We have branches in Delhi, Gurgaon, Visakhapatnam, Jammu, and Hyderabad.

So, let me tell you about interfascial pain. This is a new type of pain. In this, we don't have to do the surgical treatments. Normally, when we go for pain management for chronic patient, we go for the medical management, physiotherapy, exercises. If that is not helping, then we have other options called interventions. We do this treatment under ultrasound guidance and CT guidance. We localise the painful area and we try to resolve that particular area.

Now I will give you some examples. We will take an example of compression fracture of the spine. Few years back, the only option with us was to open the spine and fix them with screws. So, that was the major surgical procedure. Now, with the help of the spine interventions, we can fix the same without opening it with the help of a new treatment. We can put cement inside and can fix the fractured vertebrae without opening the spine. Another example we can take of heart patients, patients with cardiac problems.

Earlier the option was bypass surgery. But now with the help of angioplasty, we can do the treatment under fluoroscopic guidance. We can go inside and can remove the damaged part. So, that is possible with the help of cardiology interventions. Another problem nowadays we are seeing with those people who have a sitting job for long hours, they have the problem of slip disc or prolapsed disc. A few years back, we had the option of conservative management. We used to give them the drugs for 2-3 months. But that is not possible nowadays.

A patient cannot sit at home for 2-3 months at home, as this is a competitive world. So, patient needs an urgent treatment which can be done without opening spine or any surgery. The pain is coming from the leg and going down in the legs. So this pain is because of the compression of the nerves. Now with the help of endoscopy which is called as spine intervention, we can go inside with a small hole, we can remove that damaged part and nerve can be decompressed without opening the spine. The same day patient can go home.

Even with the spine fracture, we can discharge the patient on the same day. The complications are less. Within 3-4 days patient doesn't feel any pain. Anther advantage is cost - the cost factor is very less.

So, don't worry about the back and chronic pain problems. Now you don't have to suffer with the pain for long. We are here to help you out. You can reach us via You can book an appointment through Lybrate. You can also take the audio and video consultation through Lybrate. You can visit at our Delhi, Gurgaon, Visakhapatnam, Jammu and Hyderabad center.

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